Do You Shop Online? Savvy Online Shopper Friday

Last week, I started a meme about online shopping.  

The idea is that every Friday I will write a post and encourage bloggers to join in to celebrate the joys and experiences of online shopping.  You might write about an unusual purchase or one that made you feel good.   You might share an online store you love with us.  You might run an online business.  So long as your post is related to online shopping, it will fit with Savvy Online Shopper Friday.

Last week, I posted some questions so this week I am going to answer them myself.

I encourage you to write about online shopping as you see fit and then to leave a comment here letting me know you have done so.

The only thing I really do want you to do is to add this text to your post ..

“This post was inspired by Savvy Online Shopper Friday over on the Kate On Thin Ice blog.   Kate is currently telling people how they can ensure money goes to charity every time they shop online at no extra cost to themselves.  You can find out how you too can see the retailers you shop with donating a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice by clicking

Now for the questions I posed last week and my answers.

1. How often do you shop online?

I don’t shop online as often as I should.  I have to be in the mood to do it and not distracted by other things.

2. If you can remember, tell us about the first time you shopped online?

I can’t remember my first online shop but imagine it was for groceries.

3. What do you buy regularly online?

Food and cleaning materials.

4. What other type of products or services do you buy online? (flowers, gifts, holidays, insurance etc)

Flowers and gifts

5. What are the advantages of shopping online?

The major advantage for me is that is saves money.

6. Are there any disadvantages of shopping online?

The only ones I can think of is not being able to smell or taste things.

7. Do you ever shop online in secret?

No or not yet.

8. What is the very last thing you bought online?


9. If someone was buying something online for you, what would you like it to be if money was no object?

A hamper of delights

10. Have you heard of Give As You Live? If not find out more here where a video will show you all about it.

Yes, I heard all about it back in March and would urge everyone to get involved in helping others every time they shop online at no extra cost to themselves.  It takes just a couple of seconds to sign up and then you will hear from Give As You Live with some very special offers.

Hope you join in this week and if you have not already had a go at the questions, feel free to do so or to post as you see fit.

Anyone can take part but I am going to tag a few bloggers to get things going.  If you take part, please tag 3 bloggers so we can spread  the word.

See you next week.

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