Water Retention?

Since Friday last week, I have had excruciating pains in my lower arms and lower legs.

They came out of blue and are like nothing I have experienced before.

I gave it a day to see if they passed and then the weekend made seeing the GP impossible.  I visited a pharmacist who told me to take paracetomol.

Of course, I had already tried pain killers and they had not helped at all really.

Looking on the internet, I think I may be experiencing water retention.  So I have gone down the self-help route of drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, eating bananas and putting my feet in an elevated position.  I have also tried to keep mobile so I don’t seize up completely.

I can try to get a GP’s appointment but the last time I did that it was nearly a two week wait.

So I wonder.  Am I right?  Is it water retention and can I relieve this pain by self-treatment or do I need to see the GP?

I am sure in the old days you could just turn up and get seen at the GP surgery.  So much for progress.

Posting on the off-chance somebody out there has a wonder cure for me.

The pain does seem to be less.  It feels like I have taken a really long walk only much worse in intensity.

On the plus side, it has made me cut down my caffeine intake radically and to embark upon healthy eating once again.

Maybe it will work out to be just the wake-up call I needed.

2 thoughts on “Water Retention?

  1. You can’t wait 2 weeks. It’s probably nothing, and may be caused by the heat, but if I were you, I’d phone your doctors and demand an emergency appointment. Usually if you’re prepared to wait, they’ll see you at the end of morning or evening surgery. It’s the same wait time at our docs. It’s ridiculous. I hope you feel better soon. x

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