Patrick Holford Get Up And Go – A Review

I was sent a sample of  Patrick Holford Get Up and Go! Low GL Breakfast Shake (£18.15 for 300g,

It appeals in that it is a quick breakfast shake powder and clearly has good nutrional content.

 It’s could be ideal for busy mums who are constantly on the move and are worried that they sometimes don’t have the time to have a balanced breakfast.

The  breakfast shake powder can be used to make a shake or smoothie, and is a low Glycemic Load option, meaning that it helps to balance blood sugar and control appetite and weight. One serving provides 100% RDA or more of a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, one third of your daily protein requirements and relevant levels of essential fats. In addition, Get Up and Go! is made from the best quality wholefoods which are ground into a powder.

I was excited at the idea of a quick and healthy breakfast option. Like many mums, I prioritise the children getting a great breakfast so often find myself mid-morning hungry having skipped breakfast.

However, I am afraid I did not enjoy the taste even when mixed with my favourite fruits.

I found the powder did not mix particularly well so the texture was unpleasant too.

I am sure this product will suit some mums and it does meet the quick-fix breakfast brief well.  However, I really did not like it at all.

This is a sponsored post in that I received a sample to enable a review.


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