What Are Your Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I woke up today feeling that actually I have quite a lot to be happy about right now. So my Reasons to be Cheerful this week will be easy to come up with.

1. My legs are not hurting. Last Friday, I started having severe pains in my arms and legs. On Saturday, the pain was excruciating. My best guess is that it was water retention and I took the self-help route after consulting a totally useless pharmacist. Today is the first day this week where I am just about pain-free and it feels great.

2. We had a positive meeting at school after my son was involved in a fight and got his first ever detention. We think he has finally hit back after months of bullying. The school seems keen to work with us to resolve the matter so we are hoping for positive outcomes. I am also ensuring he gets lots of time on his own to talk and have fun with me.

3. My daughter is throwing herself into the Jublilee totally. It reminds me of how excited I was about the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana. Even Grandad is busy sourcing Royal coverage for her to use in her scrapbook. We have had so much Jubilee fun already and there is more to come with a parade tomorrow, a picnic on Sunday and a carnival on Monday.

5. My youngest son had a lovely day out with school at Bridlington. The weather was glorious and he took a spade but did not need a bucket he said as a girl was bringing one and they were going to make sandcastles together.

6. Him Indoors took a day off on Monday so we could attend the meeting at school together. We took the opportunity to go out for a breakfast at a local pub and later attended the Jubilee lunch at school. We always enjoy time together as a couple as it is so very rare.

7. My Dad is away at the moment but came back so we could go to our usual Tuesday lunch at a community cafe. I have missed him so it was great to have his company.

8. My rather lovely superstar of a stepdaughter is taking all 3 of my children for the weekend whilst I am at BritMums Live. So very generous of her and also great to think of her having quality time with her little brothers and sister.

9. The local newspaper are going to cover me getting into the Brilliance in Blogging Awards.

10. I am getting little bits of paid writing work which is making a huge difference to our family budget. More is always welcome as I have time and skills to spare.

11. Parents who shop online are getting behind my campaign to see money going to charity via Give As You Live. Please do click here to see how it all works http://www.give.as/kateonthinice I know I keep saying it but there is no cost to you in signing up to this and ensuring retailers quite happily make a donation to a charity (including cancer, animal, mental health ones and most schools) of your choice every time you shop online. As I have being asked, I can confirm that I receive no payment per referral at all although I am being compensated for my time in writing for the Give As You Live blog.

12. The sunshine was lovely even if rain has now turned up and we had lots of lovely outdoor eating.

Will that do?

Here’s to an even better week ahead for all of us.

Wave your flag over at http://mdplife.blogspot.com where you will find lots of positive people.

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