Posted in May 2012

Missing Out On Bargains – Magpie Monday

On Monday, I usually shout out loud about my bargain finds. This week, I am taking a different slant. Due to various house repairs and unexpected expenditure, we needed to rein in my spend, spend, spend attitude to charity and Netmums shopping. Of course, sod’s law means this is when the good stuff comes up. … Continue reading


My son has his SATS all this week.  Hours and hours of tests on literacy and numeracy. My husband resents the SATS and is sure they are more about the school’s welfare than that of the children. I don’t know what to think. The truth is whatever we think, my son still has to sit … Continue reading

Will You Send A Message?

It is easy living in the UK to ignore the plight of Africa.  It is easy to choose to do nothing about it.  It is easy to turn our faces in a different direction. However, as a parent, you would want someone to be there for your children and if it just meant signing a … Continue reading