The Work Of The Certain Curtain Theatre Company

Throughout June, I am offering free promotion to charities and good causes.

Today, I share information from the Certain Curtain Theatre Company working on challenging issues including that of domestic violence.

Certain Curtain Theatre Company
An award-winning International Touring Company

Unit 128, Oyston Mill
Strand Road
United Kingdom
01772 731024
Twitter – @cctheatreco

A not-for-profit professional company whose ground breaking work has been acclaimed by audiences across the country. Producing exciting, innovative theatre, challenging pre-conceived ideas with dynamic originality… from the page to the stage. Its aim is to provide high-quality, thought-provoking, original theatre for everyone.  We believe that theatre can be used to engage and educate – to challenge myths and stereotypes and that by doing this we can change the world!

Since 1989, the company has written plays with themes as diverse as: a musical about Football, Teenage pregnancy, The Holocaust, Gun-crime, Social History, Diabetes, Accident prevention, Reminiscence, Domestic Violence and much more. The company has performed in 800-seat theatres, studio theatres, schools, colleges, hospitals, community centres, old peoples homes, a police station and even a corridor!  Regardless of the issues it addresses, we believe any new play should bear all the hallmarks of good drama; strong characterisation, intriguing plot, a good storyline and, above all, be entertaining!

Domestic Violence Drama
Certain Curtain Theatre Company has been at the forefront of the use of theatre and drama within the field of domestic violence since 1995. We are actively involved with Domestic Violence Campaigns and work to improve services for woman and children experiencing abuse using our work to raise awareness, educate and engage.

A Human Rights Issue
Most people can readily grasp the concept of human-rights violations, within the context of politically-oppressive regimes, e.g. threats to the self or loved ones, false imprisonment, rape, other physical and psychological abuses, torture and murder. However, many people still find it difficult to grasp that some or all of these violations are present in the very place where an individual expects to feel safe – the home. In the UK alone 1 woman is murdered by her current or former partner every 3days

Our Approach
Using dynamic original theatre we seek to reveal the dynamic of power and control in such situations and to do so frankly. This enables audiences to connect with the issues on a personal and emotional level helping them to ‘experience’ the subject matter and develop a deeper understanding and insight into the complex issues of domestic abuse.

Our aim is to engage our audience from start to finish; to explore our shared humanity; to confront our own prejudices and see things differently.

Easy to book
You can book performances for one-off community events, training days, conferences, AGM’s.
We are currently touring three domestic abuse dramas – Lady in Red –  Life Sentence and  Mockingbird High  Each focuses on a different aspect of abuse and is supported by an after-show discussion with the writers and actors.

SCHOOL’S OUT – 1day training events on domestic abuse and the impact on children –

The Company welcomes commissions, sponsorship and donations. If you would like to support our work contact Claire Moore.

3 thoughts on “The Work Of The Certain Curtain Theatre Company

  1. Thats a startling fact, one woman killed by her partner or ex every three days?? This is a very honourable and needed charity, I’m glad you’ve highlighted it today xx

  2. I’ve seen the lady in red play by this company – AMAZING! Opened my eyes – such worthwhile work – should be seen far and wide. Why shouldn’t theatre reflect the society we live in?

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