Feelings About BritMums Live – Not Long To Go!

How are you feeling about BritMums Live?

I certainly have butterflies now but in a positive way I think.  Last weekend, it looked like I might not be able to come to BritMums Live after all.  That is one surefire way to make you realise just how much you are looking forward to it despite the nerves.

BritMums Live will be my first blogging conference.  Fortunately,  I have now met about 15 or so bloggers all of whom have proved to be warm, friendly, amusing and tolerant too.  That gives me hope that I will be fine and you will be too.

It will all be a rush to get down to London and to the venue in time from Yorkshire especially as we have to get the children to their sister’s house beforehand.

Dad has manfully taken on looking after the animals for us.

Little is expected of me on the Friday but Saturday sees me involved in the Blogging for the Greater Good session and the Blogging for Happiness session.  Who is coming along to one or both of those?  So I can bribe you to be nice to me and to say loads so I don’t have to lol.

If anyone wants to see me for definite (why?), I will be on the Give As You Live stall at 1.45pm on Saturday.  There are confirmed rumours of cupcakes so come and see me if only for a nibble.

Of course, it is exciting to imagine being in the same room as famous people but I am equally if not more excited at linking up with folks I have tweeted with or engaged via blogs with for weeks, months and years in some cases.

Overall, I just have this great sense that BritMums Live will be a celebration of parents and mums in particular, of lives led and challenges overcome and a starting point for many of us for new futures.

Nerves or not, I will be there.  Will you?

And if you aren’t coming along, I hope to see you at next year’s event.

P.S.  Despite rumours of nudity, boob flashing and a silly CV, I am actually a shrinking violet so this is a big deal but sometimes you have to break out of that boring comfort zone and live life to the full.


One thought on “Feelings About BritMums Live – Not Long To Go!

  1. I’m really looking forward to meeting you.
    I agree it is a big deal to step out from behind the blog – but my feeling is that most of us are exactly the same.
    See you soon. x

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