The Future For Groovy Mums

I have decided on what is next for Groovy Mums, the blog hop and support mechanism I set up for myself and other mums way back in September last year.  If you have never heard about it, here is what it was all about

Things change over time and here is the post I wrote recently about my concerns for the future of Groovy Mums and you can also see the comments people left too.

You know when you are doing a jigsaw and struggle to find the right piece and then somebody comes along and fits it straightaway.  I feel that is what has happened to me since I wrote the post about my concerns about what was next for Groovy Mums and me.

I will write more about what is next for me in a future post.  What I do know is that the changes I am making and intend to make would not have happened without the support of Groovy Mums.

So what next for Groovy Mums?

Well, the good news is that it will continue and I will post weekly on Wednesdays as I am increasingly busy on the other days of the week.

I take on board that I sometimes neglect to put up the linky or put it up in an odd way that makes it diffcult for people to locate it.  The linky will now go up just once per month but will be referred to in each weekly post so that you can blog and link up throughout the month as you see fit.

I will post prompts rather than challenges and only once per month.  I will post in other ways on the other weeks.  So it will be something like this

Week 1 – Blog Prompts and Linky

Week 2 – Guest Post from a Groovy Mum

Week 3 – How I am getting on as a Groovy Mums

Week 4 – Inspirational story, poem or similar.

It will remain perfectly fne to join in often, a little or not at all.  Groovy Mums was always supposed to be available to individual mums with their very different lives.

It was lovely to read comments from mums saying how much Groovy Mums had helped them move forward with steps large and small.  It has helped me so much and I don’t want to be the only person who has benefitted from it.

I promise in future to reply to comments left on Groovy Mums posts.  It is an area that I have neglected in all my posts and it is not good enough really so a key area for improvement.  Not everyone is on Twitter and comments on a blog  mean that a discussion can be found easily all in one place.

I will do the occasional Twitter party too and these will be announced on the blog and on Twitter using hashtag #groovymums.

How does that sound?

Week 1 will be next week  the Wednesday after BritMums Live so expect to see the linky then but feedback in comments is of course very welcome.


4 thoughts on “The Future For Groovy Mums

  1. I’m so glad to hear that GM will continue. I’ve not linked up in quite a while as I took a break from blogging, but now that I’m back I’m looking forward to joining again. I think the new structure sounds great as it’s easy to understand and flexible so that everybody can join in.

  2. Glad to hear it will be kept going as it was somethign \i really needed back in September when you set it up and still do to be fair, so now I am no longer missing in action I hope to join in againx

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