Mums For Toilets

How often do you thank your lucky stars that you have access to a clean toilet? How often do you even use the word sanitation never mind speak it out loud?

Probably not often conciously. If you are like myself, you take it for granted that you have access to a clean toilet.

We don’t have to stress about our waste contaminating our environment. We don’t have to worry about it making our children unwell, miss school or putting them at risk of fatal, devastating diseases.

Newsflash – 37% of the global population do.

Wake Up Call – 3000 children per day die because of sanitation-borne disease.

It is a gloomy and depressing picture.

However, then I heard about an exciting new partnership between the Unilever Foundation, Domestos and UNICEF designed to raise awareness of and find solutions to the global sanitation crisis.

This partnership seeks to help improve access to basic sanitation by supporting UNICEF’S Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS) programme, which will help improve access to sanitation for hundreds of thousands of people in nine countries around the world.

As part of this new partnership, Domestos is giving consumers the opportunity to help improve access to basic sanitation through contributing 5% of its average proceeds received from the sale of specially marked bottles of Domestos in the UK and Ireland to support UNICEF’s CATS programmes in South Sudan and Vietnam.

For more information on the ‘Domestos for UNICEF’ campaign, and the partnership’s work to provide improved sanitation to children and their communities worldwide, visit

Yes, I know I promised to take a break from blogging and I meant it. However, I cannot ignore a call to help tackle an issue that potentially helps to save children’s lives.

If you feel like myself, please do one or more of the following:

1. Look out for and buy one of the special bottles of Domestos

2. Tweet about the campaign or just to show your support with hashtag #mumsfortoilets

3. If you are a blogger, blog about it and in my capacity as BritMums Charity Person, I can send you lots of exciting resources and ideas of how you can do so if you drop me an email on

4. Consider joining Give As You Live via and if you wish to support Unicef, just say so when you shop online and the retailers will pass a percentage of what you spend with them onto charity.

Ready, steady, get tweeting, blogging, talking and shopping #mumsfortoilets

Oh and every time a member of your family flushes the loo, remember this post.

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