How I Am Getting My Groove Back

When I first started getting my groove back, I used to do weekly updates on how I was getting on.

These days, life is busier and I am going to do this just monthly.

So how am I getting on?

1. Work is going well. I have great plans for future developments so do keep watching this space. I am wondering whether I need a business name or whether my own name will suffice as my freelance work takes off more and more. So if anyone has suggestions for a groovy business name, shout out. I am offering services in copywriting, consultancy services for charities and other organisations on action learning, public relations, events organisation, fundraising and social media.

2. I need to get back on track health and fitness wise. This rain makes it all too easy to indulge in comfort eating rather than healthier options. Who wants to walk in this yucky weather never mind take up running?

3. I have to move house in the next few weeks. I am very upset about this as it probably means my Dad won’t be able to live with us anymore. However, I am drawing strength from comments received on yesterday’s post and looking for the positives in the situation. The sunshine is always there behind the clouds.

Now, if you are actively taking steps large or small to change your life, please do consider joining Groovy Mums. It is free and past experience shows really can move your life forward in a great way.

How you are changing is up to you but we would love to hear about it and help you to share your story too.

If you have blogged or do blog about making positive life changes however tiny or huge, please do link up here

If you are wanting to know more about Groovy Mums and what it is all about, all is explained here

3 thoughts on “How I Am Getting My Groove Back

  1. I think as you are making a name for yourself already, your name should be your brand! I love this post and the positive outlook. You inspire me, Kate. You’ve reminded me that even one small improvement, even one small triumph is moving forward, closer to getting my groove! x

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