Are You Up For A Challenge? Am I?

When was the last time you challenged yourself? How did it feel? What did it lead to?

Every month, I set some challenges for folks to take a look at and you can find out how some mums got on with changing their lives last month here

So here are this month’s thoughts for you? I hope one or more of them inspire you and that if they do, you post about your steps towards changing your life in ways large or small and link up.

Back to basics this time I think.

1. Are you proud of the way you look? If you are feeling a little frumpy, what tiny steps can you take to change that?

2. What skills do you have that are going to waste? What can you do to change that?

3. Do you believe in fate or do you think you are in charge of your own destiny? How might you experiment to test your theory?

4. How do you feel about helping a good cause? Have you seen the BritMums new service for linking bloggers up to charities? Will you get involved?

5. Summer Holidays – how can you make them better this year?

6. The Big Question – what can you live without? These questions are always a little random but see how it strikes you.

As for me, on the whole I am feeling groovy. I have set up a new website which needs further work (constructive criticism very welcome) but it is a place to help me move my business forward. You can find it at

OK, there are the challenges. Have fun in the sun with them and do consider linking up and sharing how you are getting along taking those baby steps to a whole new you.

P.S. Don’t forget I am looking for mums who are taking steps to change their lives or who think they can inspire others to do so to guest blog for me. If interested, email

6 thoughts on “Are You Up For A Challenge? Am I?

  1. My Challenge for August is to start Blogging eeeek! Just about too launch my new business too so lots of experiences to share especially with trying to juggle it all around school holidays, hen weekends, weddings and a job! Should provide lots of material though! Katie I love reading your Blogs and reading them has really inspired me to start blogging myself so watch this space….. 🙂

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  4. Hi Kate, – a bit late but….after home schooling our kids (they’re flying away now, youngest goes to Uni this Autumn) I’ve been writing about home educating to help support others that have children not thriving in school and raising awareness. Now I’ve decided to be an Indie author and publish my book to put the story out there – very scary. But I’m up for the challenge! Don’t know whether this would be of interest. Best wishes. x

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