It’s All Happening

I have had so many lovely and supportive messages on my blog and Twitter over the last few days.

I know people are out there and that myself and my family are popping into their heads at random moments in their day and that they wish us well. This means so much. How do I know it is happening? Because I carry my friends real and online ones with me when they are going through the tough times too.

So where are we at?

Dad is still in hospital and has moved from the Medical Assessment Unit to a ward. This presumably means they are closer to working out what is wrong with him. So we sit on a knife edge and live day to day because at times like this, that is all you can do. He is taking it all in his usual stoic way and worrying that he is asking too much of us when actually he asks for far too little. I am thinking of writing him a letter because I will bottle saying the words out loud about just how much I love him.

The children are on school holidays so we are trying to reassure them about Grandad and also injecting plenty of fun times for them too. After visiting Dad in hospital at the weekend, we took them to the seaside and had a family meal.

We managed a house viewing at the weekend. It is a practical option, a modern family home. There is nothing wrong with it but there wasn’t anything charming enough to make you fall in love with it. The location is good, very close to school.

I have ruled out a dream house as it was in a very isolated place. Perhaps in my dotage, I am learning to think with my head instead of my heart. I guess it had to happen but it is very boring.

We are looking at another house tonight again close to school.

So, I am posting for those who care and thanking them that they do. I feel I have a little army out there who are always on my side. It is a nice feeling and it gives me strength.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “It’s All Happening

  1. Dads are so very precious, I do hope he gets well soon. Being there for him is all you can do but I’m quite sure he’ll appreciate a letter – something he’ll be able to read when he’s feeling down and on his own.

    Good luck with the house buying.
    CJ x

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