Posted in July 2012

How I Am Getting My Groove Back

When I first started getting my groove back, I used to do weekly updates on how I was getting on. These days, life is busier and I am going to do this just monthly. So how am I getting on? 1. Work is going well. I have great plans for future developments so do keep … Continue reading

Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

Let me ask you a personal question. Have you used a loo today? Did you feel blessed or did you take it for granted. Take a look at this quiz and it is great because the answers are included. Then pop along to the supermarket and buy a special bottle of Domestos and help UNICEF’s … Continue reading

A Quiz For You And All In A Good Cause

Here’s a little quiz for you all about poo, toilets and that sort of thing. Lovely, I hear you say but have a go and I will publish the answers tomorrow along with some very useful information on sanitation. 1. How many people across the world do you think are estimated to live without access … Continue reading

How Blogging Helped One Mum Get Her Groove Back

Hello everyone! You’ve probably realised already that this isn’t Kate, although please be reassured that her normal, top-notch service will resume soon. Kate has very kindly given me the opportunity to do a guest post on her completely and utterly fabulous blog, so here I am! My name is Rosalind (although everyone calls me Loll, … Continue reading

Top Ten Exclusive Online Shopping Offers for Mums

Fancy some retail therapy? Need a good excuse to go online shopping? Read on for some lovely online deals suitable for mums and find out about #mums4good at the same time. Basically, you shop online and the retailers you shop with donate a percentage of your spend to charity. Everyone’s a winner. Mums for good: … Continue reading

Mums For Toilets

How often do you thank your lucky stars that you have access to a clean toilet? How often do you even use the word sanitation never mind speak it out loud? Probably not often conciously. If you are like myself, you take it for granted that you have access to a clean toilet. We don’t … Continue reading