Posted in August 2012

Escape to the Country?

Two years ago we moved from a city to the countryside. As we are moving house, I thought I would reflect on the good bits and the not so happy moments of life in the country. Advantages 1. That sense that your children are safer in a village rather than in a city 2. Less … Continue reading

Make a Wish and make a memory

I am a lucky woman. My children are happy and healthy. It is important if you are like me to sometimes reflect how very quickly that could all change. What does it feel like if you know your child is terminally ill or facing a life-threatening disease? Some of you know my Dad is dying … Continue reading

How to make friends by my son aged 11

I make friends by being myself. I make friends by being funny. I make friends by being friendly. Most importantly and last but not least and the cream of the crop – SMILING! N.B. I think I have a lot to learn from my son.

Seasons by my son aged 11

I like all of the seasons. I like the snow in Winter. I like Spring for the colour. I like Summer because of the six week holiday. I like Autumn because of my birthday.

Why is decluttering so difficult?

The good news is that we have found a new house and will have the keys on Saturday. The bad news is that I am the one who is mainly responsible for packing things up and decluttering. Why is decluttering so difficult? Why do I find it so emotionally tough to get rid of any … Continue reading