Are you an Olympic Mum?

It is Wednesday which is the day I try to inspire mums to make changes in their lives so that they feel that bit happier and more fulfilled.

With my Dad in hospital and house-hunting to be done, I am lacking in energy for the post but will use the Olympics to see if it can help to move me and others forward.

1. Tell us about a time you made a strong commitment to something. How did it feel?

2. Have you considered training for something new?

3. What sport did you enjoy in the past and could you return to it?

4. If you could have a ticket to any event, what would it be and why?

5. How do you feel when your plans don’t work out? Can you approach defeat in a healthier way?

6. What Olympic sportsperson inspires you and why?

7. What do you deserve a medal for?

I will answer the questions in a post this week but first I would love to hear from you. Anyone can take part and if you do please mention that you found the questions on

If you would like to find out more about Groovy Mums Wednesday check this out

If you blog in response to this questionnaire or in any way about making positive changes to your life, please link up here

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