Summer Holiday Project – Learning About Other Countries – Day 1

I have decided to take part in some family learning this Summer. I am going to learn about other countries with my children.

We plan to research a country every day for 30 days. We are hoping it will be fun and will include cookery, crafts and so much more.

The truth is I don’t know a lot about so many countries and I don’t want my children to the be same. I want them to be interested and engaged with other countries and particularly those in need.

Today we are looking at Niger.

My reason for choosing Niger is that I was in contact with the amazing charity Anti-Slavery yesterday out of the blue.

There is so much we don’t always realise about our world.

Anti-Slavery are running a Twitter party at 1pm today so take a look at that and learn about their schools project and how you might get involved.

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with over 43,000 people still living in slavery. Does that shock you? It did us.

Anti-Slavery have set up six schools for former slave communities and have helped over 400 children and their families live a life of hope and dignity. The schools not only benefit the children, but the whole community. They provide small business loans to mothers of pupils, have installed three wells and provide health care.

Unfortunately the serious food and water crisis that is affecting Niger has led to rising costs and they are struggling to keep providing food and water for the children. They need to raise £30,000 to keep the schools open until their next round of funding comes through in December.

Not everyone can donate but most folks could try and show their support in today’s Twitter party.

Niger is also one of the 30 countries that the ONE Campaign are focussing on for their Let’s Thrive campaign. This campaign is all about urging world leaders to tackle extreme poverty and malnutrition. ONE ask for your voice not your money so take a look

Right, I have challenged the children aged 11, 8 and 6 to find out more about Niger. Let’s see what they come up with.

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