Not So Groovy Mum

It is Wednesday which means I usually post about how mums might attempt to get their groove back.

Let’s be honest.  I am not feeling particularly groovy.

My Dad is still very poorly and I am meeting with my brothers tonight.  Yes, you read right, brothers which means things must be serious as we hardly ever get together.

I feel very tired and yet have lots to be getting on with.

There are the three children to look after and try to lighten the atmosphere for during their school holidays.

I am packing up for a impending house move.

Just in case things were looking too easy, our car failed its MOT today.

So why on earth an I posting in my usual Groovy Mum way?

1. Because I realise from blogging and so on, that we all have these things thrown at us during our lives and a lot depends on how we respond to challenging times.

2. Because I want to acknowledge the lovely support received from bloggers, fellow groovy mums,  friends, my husband, my oldest son and my 3 stepdaughters.

3. Because I want to retain some sense of normality.

Us Groovy Mums know that even when life seems quite bleak, there are happy times ahead and sometimes we have to go and look for them and take control of our own destiny.

And let’s face it, when you are shown how short life can be, it is only sensible to seize the day.

Okeydokeytiddleypokey, if you want to know more about Groovy Mums and how you might get involved, you can read all about it here

And if you think you can claim to be seizing the day in ways tiny or huge, you can link you your blog post here

One thought on “Not So Groovy Mum

  1. Sorry to read that your dad is still poorly. I hope all goes well with your meet up with your brothers. Yes, there’s always light ahead some times it takes a while to get there but we do :0)

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