My Son’s Hopes Aged 11

My hope is to get a GCSE in ICT, Literacy, DT and Maths.

Then get A-Lvels of B-Tec course is college.

Then pass a Degree in computers (gaming and design).

My vision is to travel around the world.

Get an apprenticeship.

Make a profitable business as a games maker and tester.

4 thoughts on “My Son’s Hopes Aged 11

  1. Wonderful.
    My daughter has known what she plans to do in life since she was 13. She plans to be a writer and a theatre director……She is now 21 nearly 22 and has already been published, and she has just graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA in Theatre & performance studies, and is working on a collaborative theatre piece with the new Head of Arts at Swansea University…I think she is pretty much on track to fulfil her dreams!

    I am sure your son will do the same…….It is so important to help our kids to fulfil their dreams, and what better job to have than writing games and travelling the world doing so!

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