What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

Obviously, our main focus is Dad being so ill.  Only a month ago, Dad seemed absolutely fine so it has all come as a huge shock.  It still seems a bit unreal but day by day, we are starting to face up to things.

As regular readers will know, I love the blog hop organised by Mich over at http://mdplife.blogspot.com that helps us focus on the positive.  It is great every week but particularly when facing darker moments.

There is ALWAYS good stuff in the middle of it all.

1. Last night, I met with both my brothers and we had a meal out.  The children behaved really well.  My brothers went into the double act that only brothers can do.  Despite it being an awful reason for my eldest brother to be up in Yorkshire, it was great to see him.  He has superstar status with my children as they rarely see him so they were very excited and that cheered me up loads.

2.  I have felt the need to get my head together and asked various work projects for patience.  Everyone was lovely and even after just one day of time off, I feel that much more energised and better.

3. I did not do reasons to be cheerful last week as we were away having a very lovely break at a youth hostel in Derbyshire.  You can see my review here and if you are looking for an affordable and truly family-friendly break, do consider youth hostelling.

4. My 11 year is showing himself to be so mature.  He is worried about his Grandad but is providing me with so much support both in terms of doing jobs he would not normally do and also being every ready with hugs.

5. I took the step of writing a letter and giving it to Dad.  I am so pleased as I would never have got the words out had I tried to do it verbally.  Whatever happens, he now knows absolutely how special he is to me.

6. My husband is here doing all he can both practically and emotionally.  He loves me, of that I am sure and that is a blessing that those who are loved all too often take for granted (well I do anyway).

7. I have the support of friends.  Many are “just” online friends but there are some “real” ones too.  I wish again that I had friends nearby but maybe with the move into town there will be new friends for me just round the corner.  I have just read that sentence again and meant to type that there may be friends around the corner.  So why did I write will?  Who knows? Maybe reasons to be cheerful is working its magic already.

Have a lovely week.




4 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

  1. When loved ones are ill or in trouble that is when you truly realize what is important. It is lovely how families and friends and colleagues turn up trumps when you need them to. What a lovely idea to write to your dad………..wish i had done that when I had chance.

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