Coincidence is a very funny thing

This post will probably be of interest to very few people.

It is not about me banging on about what I think of various issues.  Nor is it a humorous piece on the challenges of family life.

I am blogging about this for posterity or whatever.

I am going through a fairly unhappy time with my Dad so ill in hospital and us having to leave this house.

My husband has always told me that my old college of Trinity Hall acts a a touchstone.  He says he notices that in troublesome times, I talk of college even more than I usually do.  He has noticed how doing so calms me and makes me able to confront new challenges.

I was at Trinity Hall in the late 1980s.  Suffice to say, it is an incredibly beautiful college with a very special community too.

A week ago, we stayed at Hartingon Hall, a youth hostel in Derbyshire miles away from my college in Cambridge.

One day, I said to my husband that the place had a convent like feel about it for some reason.  He said that was interesting as he had read up on the place and it was indeed a convent in 1350.

Now 1350 is the date that Trinity Hall was founded.  Velly interesting n all that!

As we did the history tour of the house with the children, we found out that the Bateman family had built most of Hartington Hall over hundreds of years from 1611.

So no Trinity Hall connection then you may think with the contrasting dates.

You would be wrong as Bateman is the surname of the founder of Trinity Hall.

Could it be the same Bateman family that built Hartington Hall centuries later?  It seemed a bit far-fetched until we found a crest on the building showing the same pattern as on my old college crest.

Internet research shows that Bishop Bateman founded Trinity Hall and was the Bishop of Norwich.  It appears than in the 1600s, the Batemans moved to Derbyshire and built Hartington Hall.

I believe I was guided to Hartington Hall by some sort of higher power so that I could tap into my touchstone at a difficult time.

You will think I have lost the plot but you have to admit, it is a very odd coincidence.

4 thoughts on “Coincidence is a very funny thing

  1. Wow that is fascinating Kate! I loved finding out the history of the YHA we stayed in, so many amazing buildings, just asking for you to find out the history 🙂 Thinking of you and your Dad and glad you are finding strength in new places xx

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