Shopping at TK Maxx for affordable and stylish family fashions

Yesterday afternoon, we went as a family to TK Maxx in York.

We have never shopped in TK Maxx before but checking convinced us that we were in for a treat.

As soon as went through TK Maxx’s door, it was clear there was loads to see from homewares to fashions for all the family.

However, we were focussed on our special mission to find outfits for myself and my 6 year old son.

When you ask a 6 year old boy whether we should do the ladieswear first, you can imagine what he might answer so off we dashed to the boys’ clothing rails.

We showed him that he had £30 to put an outfit together with.

“That’s no good.  I can’t count” he said ever the joker as his numeracy skills are wonderful.

Within seconds, he had selected a multi-coloured T-shirt and declared it “cool”.  He looked at the price and was over the moon that it meant he had lots of money left to play with.  Next there was the decision on exactly which pair of jeans was the best.  In the end, with a bit of persuasion from myself he went for a stone-washed version.  He rounded the outfit off with a hoodie cardigan in the same brand as the T-shirt but this time in black with a striking red lining. 

Throughout this, his Dad was encouraging him to work out how much he was spending and how much he had left.  After initial reluctance, he seemed to like the mental maths very much indeed.  It is good to teach budgetting skills to children early.  It just might save them a whole lot of bother when they become adults.

As a Mum, it felt wonderful to be able to say “Go for it” and to come out of a shop with a whole outfit rather than just one item and all for under £30.

Did I check the washing instructions on the clothing? Not a bit of it – we were on a mission to find funky fashion and no such concerns were going to get in our way.

However, experience has shown that all clothes washed well once we could get our son out of them which was not easy.  “TX Maxx clothes are cool and being cool is what being a boy is all about”  he declared.

My turn next and I found the choice available quite overwhelming.  I had not really decided on a strategy of what type of outfit to get in advance.  The amount of clothing available was amazing –  posh evening dresses, day dresses, knitwear, coats, fitness wear, trousers, skirts and shawls.  Not to mention lingerie including shapewar, handbags, shoes and accessories.

So I took a lot longer than my son to find something and kept changing my mind.  Whilst I looked, my husband, older son and daughter were all busy eyeing up bargains for themselves.

I settled on a maxi dress in animal print.  If you ask me, maxi dresses are superb at covering lumps and bumps and I have plenty of those.  How wonderful to have a store like TK Maxx that caters for the curvier lady as well as the very slim woman.  The dress has  a Grecian style border around the neckline and right down in a vertical line to the hemline.  It makes the leopard skin that bit more subtle.   A striking outfit for £24.99 is a real bargain in anybody’s book.

My 8 year old daughter was now jigging up and down in excitement so I whisked her off to the girlswear rails where she found a lovely black and white floaty dress, perfect for parties.  It really did look very designer and came in at just £12.99.

The wonderful thing with TK Maxx clothing is that it looks far more expensive than the price you pay and you can revel in designer items.

Guess what?  We will be back to TK Maxx and soon.

I will be adding photographs of my son later in his outfit once I can get my naughty camera to work.

As for the maxi dress, you very well might see that at BritMums Live next year.

Do check out your nearest TK Maxx store – you won’t be disappointed in the range or quality on offer.  As for the prices, you will love those!


This is a sponsored post as I received 2 x £30 vouchers for TK Maxx.  The views expressed are honest.

3 thoughts on “Shopping at TK Maxx for affordable and stylish family fashions

  1. I’ve not been there in a while as my local does not have maternity wear, not sure about other branches. Gotta say I do love a bit of retail therapy there. At the moment I get things for the home. Their home-ware sections is AMAZING!

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