Escape to the Country?

Two years ago we moved from a city to the countryside.

As we are moving house, I thought I would reflect on the good bits and the not so happy moments of life in the country.


1. That sense that your children are safer in a village rather than in a city

2. Less traffic

3. Space for the children to play

4. Fresh eggs from your own chickens

5. The company of animals whether your own or hearing cows moo

6. A characterful house with beams, woodburner and a big barn too

7. Fresh air

8. Walks in fields

9. Getting fitter with work on the land – my husband rather than myself

10. School transport right from your front door


1. The way that people nosily spoke to you on the first day but ignored you for the rest of your time in the village

2. Noise from farm machinery

3. The hard work of maintaining land and keeping on top of nettles and weeds

4. Foxes that attack cats and chickens

5. Lack of organised activities for families – no village hall, pub, nothing

6. The way it is so difficult to keep a kitchen floor clean all the time when you have land and muddy boots

7. The way that beams act as a magnet to cobwebs and woodburners need cleaning too much

8. The fact that if you do not drive, there is no public transport so you go quietly stir crazy with the internet as your only window on the world.

9. Commutes to work are likely to be that much longer so less family time.

10. Perhaps that if you were not brought up in the country, you never fully “get” it.

This a purely individual viewpoint based on a particular village and circumstances.

Town and pavements, cafes and life – here I come!

2 thoughts on “Escape to the Country?

  1. I was dreaming of moving to a house by the sea, but it is not going to work and I am trying to make the best of city life…and I really can as I am only a 20 minute buggy push from the city centre! Good luck with your move back (over from Brit mums)

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