Make a Wish and make a memory

I am a lucky woman. My children are happy and healthy.

It is important if you are like me to sometimes reflect how very quickly that could all change. What does it feel like if you know your child is terminally ill or facing a life-threatening disease?

Some of you know my Dad is dying and has weeks at most to live. This has happened quite of the blue and still feels very surreal. The good thing is that I have so many memories of Dad that will sustain me in the years to come.

You see life is all about memory-making – it is the only thing that makes sense in the end. The only thing you can take with you and the only thing you leave behind for keeps.

I am supporting Make a Wish Foundation by helping them promote a video which I ask you to take just a minute to view.

It is all about a special girl called May and how this little princess continues to change the world.

Back in the summer of 2010 Make-A-Wish UK granted the wish of five year old May who was fighting a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma – she wished to be a princess for the day.

Sadly May passed away just a couple of months after her wish, two years ago today, on 31st August 2010.

May’s family have been involved with Make-A-Wish ever since, raising as much money as they can to ensure that other families going through the same awful experience can have their wish.

May’s Dad, Neil, has made this short video and would like as many people as possible to watch it and support Make-A-Wish:

It’s only a minute or so long, so please watch the video if you have a moment to spare. And if you could share it with as many people as you can it would mean so much to Neil and his family. Send it to your email contacts, share on Facebook and on Twitter using hashtag #RememberMay

If you are able to make a donation too, to help grant a wish to another child like May, you can ‘Remember May’ at

As I said, it is all about making memories and you can help.

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