Posted in August 2012

The new reality – a typical day

As it is the school holidays, we have a lie-in if we can with the exception of my husband who has to continue with his normal commute and working day. I wake up as he moves around the house.  For a few seconds I forget and then it hits me that Dad is dying and … Continue reading

A poem by my daughter aged 7

Fireworks Fireworks, fireworks! Shooting glittering pink Fireworks, fireworks! Catherine wheels whizzing round. Fireworks, fireworks Lots of colours Fireworks Fireworks Popping.  Whee!  Whoosh! Fireworks, fireworks! Rainings silver stars. Fireworks, fireworks! Banging as they get in the air.

What to say? What to do?

Today, I am going to visit my Dad in hospital. This time it will be different because I am going to woman up and talk to him about the fact that he is dying. We don’t know what time-frame we are dealing with but I sense it will not be long.  So there are conversations … Continue reading

A Poem From My Daughter Aged 7

Winter In winter I see Icicles falling from the roofs on houses Ponds sparkling at the park All around me   In winter I hear Cars skidding on the snowy roads Crunch ice as I walk All around me   In winter I touch Cold snow on the earth Cold snowflakes falling All around me … Continue reading


It seems pretty certain now that Dad is not going to get better. He is so weakened that any infection will signal the end according to the medics as he will not have the strength to fight it. I veer between being strong and crying.  Amazingly strong most of the time as if someone up … Continue reading

Coincidence is a very funny thing

This post will probably be of interest to very few people. It is not about me banging on about what I think of various issues.  Nor is it a humorous piece on the challenges of family life. I am blogging about this for posterity or whatever. I am going through a fairly unhappy time with … Continue reading

My Son’s Hopes Aged 11

My hope is to get a GCSE in ICT, Literacy, DT and Maths. Then get A-Lvels of B-Tec course is college. Then pass a Degree in computers (gaming and design). My vision is to travel around the world. Get an apprenticeship. Make a profitable business as a games maker and tester.