Guest Post from a Groovy Mum – When weight loss is the icing on the cake!

The Icing on the Christening Cake…

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“We recently had our 5 month old christened, an important day for any parent, and the other half made some delicious cupcakes and a cake for the christening party.

What was the icing on the christening cake, I hear you ask?

Well, it was just icing…but I got to celebrate something personal of my own, so there was a metaphorical sort of icing on the cake for me.

I got to wear a dress. Not just any dress though…

A dress I bought THREE years ago.

That didn’t fit.

For three years.

Yes, THREE years.

It still had the damn tags on it and everything. It was SO satisfying ripping them off. It’s a lovely green party frock from Monsoon that I actually bought for my Hen Weekend three years ago (did I mention that?) but never wore as it, was one of those ‘I will buy it as I will fit into it soon, I swear’ type dresses. I have lots of those, unfortunately, but slowly and surely I’m ripping the tags of them one by one and fitting into them.

I’m certainly no Skinny Minnie, in fact, I earn some occasional money doing Plus Size modelling, so I never want to be thin (I think that’s actually biologically impossible for me anyway) but I do know that ever since Amelia was born, I’ve wanted to be healthy and to feel good about myself. I really want to be the sort of Mum who can take her to the swimming pool without any worries about the dreaded bulge of the swimsuit, or even, dare I say it? Take part in the Mum’s race on Sports Day and actually win? You never know.

I’m really excited about sharing how I feel about my weight loss journey here on Grooving Mums, as I already feel its a place that I can take inspiration from, and perhaps even offer some myself to help others. I’ve struggled with my weight for years, but I always needed a good kick up the backside to get going. Well, Amelia gave me a massive one. I’ve lost 22lbs in 14 weeks (using a popular weight loss programme that shall remain nameless) and I’ve found it fairly easy. I would recommend it to any Mum’s out there who are struggling to get motivated to lose the post-baby weight.

I’ve still got a looooonnngg way to go, but now, I actually feel that I can get there.

I most definitely don’t want to seem like a smugly-succesful-highly-irritating-arsey-seemingly-perfect Mum who has done this so easily; I haven’t. I’m still working at it, and have to turn away from temptation every day, but I’m being realistic.

I still drink wine.

I still eat takeaway food.

I have bad days, and bad weeks – but I keep reminding myself that I’m doing well and that life has its ups and downs and being realistic is the key to succeeding.

With that in mind, here are a couple of questions/challenges to get your head around…

1. Do I want to make a change? If so, what is it? Mind, body or soul?

2. How do I want to accomplish this? (Remember, baby steps)

3. Who do I need to help me?

4. Who or what do I need to filter out so that I can move forward?

5. When do I want to achieve my first target/goal – be realistic!!

6. How will I reward myself when I’ve done this – an incentive is important.

Writing it here has almost set it in stone even further for me, which feels scary but amazing too. Now it’s time to face the music at my weekly weigh-in tomorrow after a week of party food and leftover cake…wish me luck!”

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