Posted in October 2012

When I am old, I will turn purple!

Some time ago, I decided to dye my hair, all part of trying to rediscover whatever va-va voom was left.  I settled on red and love it.  My Dad said “Oh yes, your Mum went through the red phase”.  In one sentence, I was convinced next time it would be a different colour.  My children … Continue reading

Halloween treats from Ocado

Opening your front door at this time of year to witches and ghouls  can only mean one thing – it’s Halloween.  Children look for sweet and spooky surprises and Ocado has a scary selection of treats. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home so it looks appropriately otherworldly, are out to dress your children in devilish … Continue reading

An attempt at a poem for mums – ONEMums

The rather adorable and not too-angelic Penny over at the Alexander Residence tagged me on this one ages ago.  The problem was trying to write something as good as she did.  Having worked out that I never will and it doesn’t really matter, here is my attempt at the ONEMUMS linky. Warning – I have … Continue reading

Should you have some boudoir photography done?

Have you ever had some boudoir style photographs done or thought about doing so?  Is it a scary thought? Every Wednesday, I blog about how it is possible to move forwards positively and sometimes to surprise yourself. Let it be known now that I am a) very overweight and b)am by nature very shy After … Continue reading

One month on

It somehow seems wrong not to acknowledge that it is one month since my Dad died. Of course, we have done the funeral and the ashes ceremony.  There don’t seem to be any rituals for what to do one month on.  In weeks or months, the 23rd will just be another day of the month.  … Continue reading

Halloween friend from Build-a-bear

Halloween is just around the corner and although many do, not every child likes the spookier elements of it. If you have younger children or ones that just don’t enjoy being scared, you can still do Halloween with Build-a-bear workshop. With Half-Term just round the corner, why not visit one of their stores for a … Continue reading

It isn’t my fault!

It is categorically not my fault that … 1. The sink is blocked 2. That you did not get a receipt and just handed over loads of cash 3. That you are in trouble for not handing in your homework 4.  That I have not always lived in this town. 5. That you arranged to … Continue reading