Grieving but still grooving

It is Wednesday and traditionally I post once a week about how I am attempting to get my groove back.

I need to get back to normal or rather a new normal after all that has happened.

One of my strategies is to return to my little rituals and also to build in new habits to structure my days.

I have lost my Dad but I have also said goodbye to my companion of the last 2 years.  We had little trips out togethers.  Where has the lunch at the Courtyard on Tuesdays gone?  Friday is no longer fish and chip cafe day.  Who will join me on my quests to find bargains in the charity shop?  Who will need my support with sending an email?  Well, you get the gist.

So if it is Wednesday I can still blog about moving forwards positively.

Today, I forced myself to go to town.  My feet keep hurting for some reason.  As I walked and stared at my recalcitrant tootsies, I remembered how over the last year of linking with other mums trying to get their groove back, we have said time and time again, that every tiny step matters.

So for now grooving involves …

1. Really trying to get out and about more even if just for a coffee in town or whatever.

2. Committing to a healthy eating routine to build up my energies and so that the model agency will be on the phone anytime soon.

3. Buying some ballet pumps from Monsoon and some boots too for the colder days ahead.  I commit to doing both this week.

4. Getting my blogging mojo back in terms of my personal blog, my work for BritMums and very importantly, the reading and support of others’ blogs.

5. Attending a Trustee meeting last night and finding that I can still make vaguely intelligent comments.

6. Signing up to a working group at my child’s school more out of a wish to meet and get to know some local people than anything else.

7. Working out how best to bring Dad’s writings to an audience.

8. Reflecting on how to use my creativity in ways other than blogging.

I feel I am standing at the edge of a cliff.  I am unsure of taking the step forwards but it is just possible I might fly.

People keep telling me to keep the faith – perhaps they are right.

I am going to keep on grooving, tentatively perhaps until a little stronger but grooving all the same.

How about you?





7 thoughts on “Grieving but still grooving

  1. It has taken me ages to get my groove back since Mom died, but I knew it would come back, so I have been kind to myself, allowed myself time to grieve. Thinking of you and your family x.

  2. Omg Kate, I can’t believe what I am reading here, I’ve been away frommy blog for 3 months and so much seems to have happened. My thoughts and love are with youxx

  3. So sorry about your dad lovely – it’s tough to have lost both your parents too I know 😦

    My groove has been a bit pants recently but I’m fighting on and focussing on the basics – getting my daughter sorted at nursery, so that I can do some work, and trying to fix my now extremely painful back. This weeks positive step was finding a Pilates studio – next thing to try!

  4. Well done you! You kept going and you took your tiny step AND you discovered you can still make reasonably intelligent comments in adult company. I’d say #winwin
    Keep on going forwards xx

  5. Good for you. I’ve never experienced loss, so can’t really imagine what you must be going through, but I’m guessing it must be hard. It’s good to have those goals – some big, some small – to work towards. Focus on yourself and take it one step at a time. Good luck!

  6. I really feel for you; it must be devastating losing a parent and I’m so sorry. When you’re ready, put on your favourite song full blast, sing to to the top of your lungs and dance your little bootie off … this will definitely help get the groovy juices flowing!

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