How you can save on fuel costs – a wake-up call for drivers

Do petrol or diesel costs put a savage dent in your family finances?

Are you aware of the really simple measures you can take to cut this expenditure?

My family attended an event with Shell Fuelsave at the weekend.  There were activities for adults and children and a good time was had by all.

What struck me most of all was how easy the steps are that you can take to save fuel.   It is not rocket science so why waste money unnecessarily?

Tomorrow, I will look at driving style and behaviour but for now here are three tips that are mind-blowingly straightforward and help you to be more frugal with fuel.

1. Plan trips to avoid the rush hour.  Cutting down time spent in the car is the easiest way to conserve fuel.  Less time spent in traffic equates to less money spent on fuel.

2. Combine short trips and errands into one single journey.

3. Avoid carrying excess weight.  This is the one that shocked me most.  For every extra pound or kilogram, there will be a negative impact on your fuel efficiency.  What do you keep in your boot?

4. Take the roof rack off if not in use.  It affects the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and creates drag, reducing fuel economy.

I will be back with more posts on saving fuel and you can play online games and have the opportunity to win an iPad3 over at

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