It isn’t my fault!

It is categorically not my fault that …

1. The sink is blocked

2. That you did not get a receipt and just handed over loads of cash

3. That you are in trouble for not handing in your homework

4.  That I have not always lived in this town.

5. That you arranged to pick something up and I knew nothing about it at all

6. That you revealed to me what you are really like

7. That your child has bad manners

8. That Iam not a perfect parent.  It is still my belief that they do not exist.

9. That  I just get a little fed up of trying so hard to make other people happy with little in the way of appreciation.

10. That sometimes I could be sorely tempted to try being really nasty for a while to see if it has better results.

Yes dear readers, I am perfectly fine.  Thanks for caring but a little rant does us all good now and again right?

The incidences highlighted above are purely fictional and any resemblance to persons living or purporting to be so is entirely coincidental.

And lucky number 11 – It is not my fault darling husband that you think I have PMT.  That may well be the case but I could not possibly comment or at least not without using the odd expletive.

Thank you and Good Night!



2 thoughts on “It isn’t my fault!

  1. Ha, ha! I’m sometimes tempted to try being a little more ruthless and uncaring too, but I don’t think I’d be very good at it, it’s just not me, I’d be so fake.

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