Should you have some boudoir photography done?

Have you ever had some boudoir style photographs done or thought about doing so?  Is it a scary thought?

Every Wednesday, I blog about how it is possible to move forwards positively and sometimes to surprise yourself.

Let it be known now that I am a) very overweight and b)am by nature very shy

After Mum died in 2009, I won a prize to have some photos done.  It was one of those moments when I knew if I did not take up the prize I would live to regret it.  They do say that happens more with the things we don’t do rather than those that we do.

So I pitched up at hotel and paced up and down in the corridor trying to summon up the courage to get on with things.  When I noticed the carpet was threadbare, I knocked on the door of the room where the photography was happening.

I had taken some fairly safe shorts and a black robe and thought I would probably just do something with those.

Fuelled by champagne and a firm belief mum would have loved to have done something like this, I ended up getting into the groove.

Last night, my son needed a memory stick for school and my husband found one in a drawer.  For some reason, my husband checked what was on it and there were the boudoir photos.  Narrow escape from my son having them at school.  My husband said he may well have tried to sell them.

Anyway, with all the sad times we have had recently, it was nice to remember another side of me and to recall how Dad saw some of the tamer pictures like the ones above  and said I looked like a filmstar.  Now that is a wonderful Dad.

Hope this inspires some of you to break out of your self-imposed comfort zones.

Wonder what Katy will do next?

9 thoughts on “Should you have some boudoir photography done?

  1. Interesting post as I have been debating doing a boudoir shoot as a Christmas present for my husband this year, just to do something different and totally unexpected for him – your photos are lovely and I think you may have given me the push I need (although I need to check cost – always the downside!) x

  2. I’m so pleased you did these. I hope finding these photos made you look back and smile. I had some nude pics done when 36 weeks pregnant with my first. They were fabulous. Very tasteful. They’re squirreled away, but I still treasure them.

  3. I think they are brilliant, well done you for going ahead with it! Can you imagine if they had ended up at school though? That would make for an interesting parents evening! 🙂

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