Posted in October 2012

Elephant Monday?

A couple of weeks ago I was watching televison.  Judy Finnegan was on talking about her new novel partly inspired by her late friend Caron Keating.  Caron has a firm belief in angels and after her death, many of the people who loved them found the angels’ calling card, a white feather. When you lose … Continue reading

This is the room – part 2

This is the room where you spent your days in the last 2 years. There is your big soft chair in vibrant colours.  Over the back is your brown slanket that you loved so much.  And the big blue cushion. If it is morning, you are having your breakfast of toast and coffee and should … Continue reading

Not feeling so groovy today

The wonderful thing about blogging is I can watch myself and others and recognise that everyone has good days and downright awful ones along the way. I am not having either of those.  I am just having one of those lacklustre days. I find myself a little narky, a little fed up and feeling like … Continue reading

This is the room

This is the room where you would come in tentatively in the mornings. Always careful in case I was in the middle of a getting ready for school crisis with the children. You would watch me as I put the children on their school minibus, laughing at their antics with the driver. Then we would … Continue reading

A little push from Dad to get writing

When you lose someone, little incidents take on a huge significance. It does not matter whether you believe in their being more to life than we always see or not.  They provide comfort . There are two things you should know about me. 1. Although I love blogging and social media, I want to write … Continue reading

Reflections on breast cancer

When did I first become aware of breast cancer? My mum used to have lots of female friends, all strong, feisty and humorous Northern lasses.  I think I was about 12 years old when it seemed that several of her friends started getting breast cancer.  I did not know what breast cancer was but I … Continue reading

The final farewell to Dad

This morning, we made the trip back to the crematorium to scatter Dad’s ashes. My brothers had chosen today as the nearest working day to Mum and Dad’s 62nd wedding anniversary yesterday. I did not really want to go. However, my husband told me I should and my eldest son was keen to be there. … Continue reading

How it all started

When I returned from the BritMums Live, I found this note from my Dad. “Cornflakes on dresser (top) Lollies in drawer 4 Stop Press Washing on chair Some milk in my fridge Nearly full loaf in my bread bin Max not eating much, don’t think he’s 100%” Dad was away visiting my brother. There is … Continue reading

Grief Buddy?

I have decided to seek out some grief buddies following the loss of my Dad. Firstly I want to check out that some of what I am going through is perfectly normal and not just me losing the plot. Secondly. I know that peer support helps and if suffering, why not reach out and help … Continue reading