Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award Nomination

The lovely and new found kindred spirit Rachel at has bestowed this charming award on me.  It is one of those tag thingymijiggies that involves answering questions.

1. Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?
I do it in the lounge that looks over the garden.  I  sit in a chair that used to live in my Dad’s annexe and watch the seasons change through the French windows.  In my blog, I reflect on the changes in my life.  Relishing in a pretentious moment there.  Hope you enjoyed!
2. What books were your childhood favourites?
The Hobbit is the obvious choice.  The amazing teacher Mr Cooper used to read it to us last thing on Friday afternoons.  He cleverly showed us that there were realms outside Dewsbury, not even far-flung places like London but forests with singing elves and so on.  When Dad was clearly dying, I bought a set of Tolkien books knowing that their very presecnce would comfort me in the painful days ahead.  Some thing are touch stones and Tolkien books are right up there.  There is a blogger who knows who she is who is planning to set up home with me somewhere in a deep wood with elves.  Now, how is that for a bit of blogger scandal?  My friend H will smile at the memory of Mr Cooper as he spoke to her too.  One Saturday afternoon, a group of us went to town to buy a present for Mr Cooper, something like a Parker Pen I think.  I think we had managed to save about £11 between us.  If telt like a very grown up adventure worthy of Bilbo himself.
Mum made sure I had all the Beatrix Potter books.  Enid Blyton played large with the Famous Five but my fave was Mallory Towers.  I felt I was destined for THAT sort of school rather than my state school existence.  I always had pretentions of grandeur.
I loved the Ugly Duckling, convinced one day I would transform into a great beauty and I am STILL waiting.  I think the fact I also loved the Magic Porridge Pot may have had an affect here.
Topsy and Tim were reliable friends especially to someone really brought up as an only child.
Mum later introduced me to Catherine Cookson and I was convinced I had the Mallen streak.  Us adopted children will have our little fantasies.
In teen years when I became ever so vaguely aware that there was a thing called sex, I would sneak into Mum’s bedroom to read The Thorn Birds.  By the way, she has just messaged me from Heaven that she wants you to know she heartily disapproved of such an affront on Catholicism.
3. Who is your favourite fictional character?
I loved Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe.  I would like to be ballsey like that.  I have a dream about running a cafe with a close female friend in that way.  You know who you are missus!
I also loved the vulnerable yet sassy Bette Midler character in Beaches.
Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited will be forever responsible for me going to Oxbridge.
4. Have you ever Googled yourself and being suprised at what you found?
I have googled myself and the trouble is that it is like looking at my Curriculum Vitae.  On paper, I can look good.  The reality is far different.
5.  What is your favourite time of day and why?
OK, here goes Kate doing the #mummyfail again!  I relish the moment when I come home after the school run and the house is just for me.  Five or more hours of being me, ,being allowed to make some decisions and not having to behave in a way that my family and other animals dictate.
Number two is probably the moment when I wake up and for a few minutes or if I am lucky a hour, nobody wants anything from me because they are all asleep.
Number three is the moment when me and Him Indoors do a joint “Sod it” and indulge in a party type atmosphere because of or despite everything.
6. Who would play me in the movie of my life?
I would like this to be Bette Midler.  To some extent, I think I have a minute level of her va-va voom together with a spirtitual foundation and a certain vulnerability.
7.  One material possession that I could not live without?
I need my internet access to maintain some level of connection with the world so it would be my laptop or my recently acquired smartphone.
8. Have you ever being naked in public?
The sad truth is that I am struggling to remember but someone has reminded me that I was “conveniently semi-dressed”.  That usually involved forests continuing the Hobbit theme and there as that boudoir photography session I suppose.  Fully naked?  Probably not.
9. What is your dream car?
These days it would be a Morse-like Jaguar.
In Top Trumps days it was the TR7.
10. What/who/where was your first proper kiss?
A lad called Dean from Sunderland.  Never thought to get a surname.
It was one of those occasions where I was the slow boring one but he liked me despite my peers flashing their suspenders etc.
It was in Blackpool.
I recall it was a Sixth Form trip and as I arrived home purely down to the sensible efforts of my friend H, my lovely Dad picked me up.
“Have you had a nice time love?”
“Yes, I got off with a lad from Sunderland!”
“That’s nice, love.  Probably best not to tell your Mother”
Now, who to tag to answer the same questions.
How about these lovelies?

5 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award

  1. Great answers! Wasn’t it the love of the Porridge pot that got us together?!! Anyway I LOVE that we could have been Dorm mates at Mallory towers! And the fact you sneaked your mum’s Thornbirds made me giggle!! Anyway , can’t write too much – I’m off to google you!!!

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