What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

It is always nice once a week to luxuriate in the happy things in my world. I have had quite a mixed weeks with deep lows and then some lovely highs. What are the smile-inducing things?

1. When I was struggling, lovely online friends sent emails and left comments that really did help. They also helped me look at things in new ways which is always a good thing as sometimes I get things so wrong.

2. I have resolved to continue my journey towards ever more positive things and relaunched Groovy Mums as the Get Grooving Linky which you can read about here https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/get-grooving/ New people have already connected with it and I am reconnecting with old pals too so all very good.

3. After our rather wonderful Half-Term holiday with Butlins, it was still nice to chill a bit at home after all that full-on fun. Just cooking, watching telly and the simple things in life.

4. This is my first week as Social Media Bod for BritMums. I am still very much learning the ropes but have enjoyed it so far. Don’t forget to connect with BritMums on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. There is always loads going on and something for everyone.

5. My youngest son has started two after-school clubs in art and street-dance. This means having to do an extra walk twice a week which will probably do me the power of good.

6. I have had two lovely hours just with my daughter in town whilst the boys did other things. She is so easy to be with and talks about things other than XBoxes. Result.

7. I got my cats Razzle and Dazzle back from the cattery. I love having them around. Razzle is the independent type but Dazzle loves a cuddle.

8. I started a new blog so that I can put my Dad’s writings out there. You can find it at http://policemanslot.wordpress.com

9. When Clive Dunn died yesterday, people said how he had the ability to make people smile however they were feeling. That is a great gift and one I think I managed to pull off with one of my old friends this week. That’s a great reason to be cheeruful.

10. Although child abuse is a rotten topic to have to acknowledge, I am happy that so many bloggers are displaying the Listen, Believe, Love badge on their blogs. So easy to do and speaks volumes and how courageous of all those bloggers who have linked up their personal stories and views. Find out more http://www.britmumsblog.com/2012/11/child-abuse-display-the-badge-help-break-the-silence/So a quiet week with mixed emotions but lots of good stuff in that recipe which is why it is always so good to do Reasons to be Cheerful and to ensure you are celebrating the wonderful things. See Mich and crew over at http://mdplife.blogspot.com for more.

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