Who lives in Blogger Town?

There is a place called Blogger Town. Who might live in it?

1. Glitterati – these are the bloggers you are in awe of. The celebrities of the blogosphere. You imagine they live the champagne lifestyle on a daily basis and carry off parenting and other tasks with panache. In the real world they would be the A-list celebrities.

2. The Good Samaritan – these are the bloggers who know more than you do and are happy to share their expertise with you free of charge. In the real world, these would be the women who tell you how to relieve teething pain based on their own experiences without making you feel stupid for not knowing.

3. The Kindred Spirits – these are the bloggers you read once and feel an instant connection with. You just “get” them and you usually find this is a mutual feeling. In the real world, these are the folks you come across who you just know you can say something that the world would think was odd and they will laugh or or cry along with you.

4. The Mirrors – these are the bloggers who you like and yet sometimes you find yourself disliking and can’t quite work out why. What is going on is that they are mirroring some aspect of yourself that you are not that thrilled with. In the real world, it works in pretty much the same way. Stick with it and you may work through to become heartfelt friends.

5. The Naughty and Not Nice – these are the bloggers who have a go at other people. They tend to be people who actually are “all that” so why they want to have a go at us lesser mortals who knows? Fortunately, they are few in number and the angels tend to win the day. Does this happen in the real world or is it easier to be naughty and not nice online?

6. The Heroes/Heroines – these are the bloggers who have so much on their plate all the time and yet still manage not only to blog but to be warm-hearted and generous-spirited. They include carers and those battling illness. They do a fantastic job in making the invisible visible via their blogs and perhaps making us all more understanding in the real world as a result.

7. The Undiscovered – these are the newbies but also those who don’t have any or many followers. They include amazingly talented writers and people with posts that need to be read by a wider audience. In the real world, it is the person you pass by on the street not realising that they too have a fascinating story to tell.

8. The Swingers – these are the bloggers who jump on that rope in a Tarzan and Jane like manner and show up in your real world. There are nerves galore before that first date but go for it. It may possibly be the most exciting swinging of all.

Recognise anyone you know?

Are you on the list?

Are there other blogger types?

Feel free to name those in the positive categories but don’t name and shame the naughty but not so nice. We’re better than that, right?

If you fancy swinging with me, I will be at BritMums Live 2013.

25 thoughts on “Who lives in Blogger Town?

  1. Beautiful lady…. A Brilliant Blog – as ever! Although I DO miss your near-naked Twitter pic! Thankfully, as in life, the not-so-nice bloggers are few and far between and once discovered are best left well alone, in Loser Corner. I too hope to be swinging at BritmumsLive 2013. After meeting so many wonderful/inspirational/uber-talented swingers there last year, I feel it would be rude not to throw my keys into the bowl!!! 😉 x

    • What you mean you have read me more than once? Look closely at the new Twitter avatar – it was taken on a boudoir photo session. Yes, not so nice bloggers are very rare I agree. The blogging pond is a very wonderful one to frequent. I so wanted to mix with you at BritMums after your wonderful Friday night performance but was too shy to approach you. I sense a kindred spirit and love liking you for you not cause you are that woman “off the telly”

  2. As far as blogging goes im a newbie i suppose, but i wouldnt categorise myself as someone who merely gets passed in the street. Hmmm. Awful lot of stereotyping going on at the moment do you not think?

    • You have made me really think. I did not want to offend with this post and it is very much a reflection on my relationships with bloggers over the last 3 years. Probably bad timing for this post in view of the Liz Jones controversy but obviously I did not know that was about to kick off when I posted. Apologies.

      • Thank you for replying with true thought and reflection. Taking the time to respond to comments good or not so good is something i think is important, and most definitely shows an openess to opinion. Thanks again xx

  3. great list! I remember feeling a wee bit starstruck when we first became toyologists and found ourselves amongst some blogs with a massive following and which i’d been following for ages and there we were having literally just started out that week pretty much. Sounds so silly to say it because at the end of the day we are all just normal people and just like in the real world ‘variety is the spice of life’ so it is also in the blog world – and there is space for everyone isn’t there – that’s the great thing about it – everyone can just be themselves and others can take it or leave it.

  4. So true, I’m still quite new to Blogger Town & it’s way too tempting to aspire to be part of the Glitterati. I really like your description of “Mirrors”. I’m glad its not just me being fickle, enjoying reading something one minute then getting irritated the next.

    • Mirrors are tough ones because they are not nasty just somehow clash with you without even meaning to. Or that is how I find it anyway. Hope you are enjoying blogging. As you can tell, I love it!

  5. Until three weeks ago I had no idea what a community, and a diverse one at that, bloggers were. I like your take on us all, and I don’t mind admitting that I am one of those who you might not realise had a story to tell. Today, when I got my first comment from a seasoned blogger who really enjoyed my writing, it gave me so much creative satisfaction. Good stuff, Kate!

  6. Interesting post. I am a newbie too but I don’t know what category I would fall into really, I started blogging when I moved to Oz to remember my time here, not just what I do while I am here but my thoughts and feelings at different points and I guess as a sort of online journal for my son to read as he will be too young to remember. Not sure I would say I have a fantastic story to tell but I enjoy it and in my opinion thats the most important thing isn’t it? Not selling myself very well am I Ha Ha 😉

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