Get Grooving Blog Hop

Is it possible to seize control of your life and change it for the better?

Is it hard to do that as a mum with all the juggling you have to do.  Some of us are determined things can get better and we share our stories on our blogs and connect on Twitter.  You are most welcome to join us whatever your individual aspirations are.

So what have I done to get grooving this week?

1. I have injected some colour into my life with an orange scarf and some turquoise jewellery.  I have always loved the colour orange.  I also feel women that wear scarves tend to have life sussed a lot better than me.  They always look stylish and cool.  So I am wondering if I might get into collecting scarves in bright colours.  What do you think?

2. I am saying both yes and no more.  So I am allowing myself to spend when I see something I fancy instead of ploughing all money into everybody else.  I am saying no to commitments that don’t serve me and am seriously considering giving up one altogether.

3. I am eating far more healthily although have had fairly major slip-ups usually when frustrated by something.  I am very much an emotional eater.  How about you?

4. I seriously thought about exercise and got a Davina dvd and a pedometer.  Of course, me being me, I have not reached the dizzy heights of rocket science that involve putting the dvd on or attaching the pedometer to myself.  As we say baby steps and even buying them shows some movement in the right direction.

5. I am continuing to grow into my role doing social media work for BritMums.  There is a lot to take in but I do feel I am getting there.  You will find me on the Twitter BritMums feed a fair amount so do pop by and say hello.

6. I am collating my Dad’s memoirs of his time in the police over at and have identified a social history network and promoted to some people I think might be interested.  I think they could be gold dust to students of history or anyone with an interest in policing.

So please do blog about what you are up to on the improving your daily life front.  You can link up here and I will promote your post and encourage others to do so.

I leave you with these thoughts.

How can you inject some colour into your life?

What do you need to say yes to?

What could you give up that would benefit you?

Could you write an interesting memoir of your life?  If yes, get on with it.  If not, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Over to you.  Same time next week?

My aims for the coming week.

1. Put some effort into seeking freelance work in copywriting and social media.

2. Continue improving on the healthy eating and exercise front.

3. Writing some more words for my novel.

4, Smiling more and crying less.


8 thoughts on “Get Grooving Blog Hop

  1. I agree on the scarf front and I think they make an outfit more of an outfit. Would love to hear more about the novel idea, and I’m sure there is a niche out there for ‘a policeman’s lot’. There are quite a few ‘police museums’ about for various forces, so it may be worth contacting them too. x

  2. I have to get my groove on every week????!!!! Hell’s bells! Erm well, I will erm, oh I am not groove ready yet! But if you are checking up on me I suppose I’ll give it a go!
    WAAAIT! I have started. I coloured my hair AND got it cut. I shaved my legs today too. It’s a start….

  3. You reminded me about one summer that I was off work as I was employed by a college and I didn’t have to work summers so took up a job cleaning for extra money for my trip home to Canada. I found a necklace that one of the Italian students had left behind and despite tracking down the owner, she said to keep it. It was really pretty and bright, with loads of different colours etc. I did keep it and haven’t looked at it for years but must dig it out the lift as it represents the time before kids as well as their vibrant culture.

    As well as learning to say no, this is something that I too am working on. I wish you the best of luck and I really look forward to joining up with you as I decided why put it off just because if pregnancy?!

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