What are my reasons to be cheerful?

How come weeks can seem both short and long?

Today, I am mainly bored and I hate that lacklustre feeling. However, I intend to take myself out for some fun tomorrow so I am not downhearted, fear not.

So it is Thursday and here are my reasons to be be cheerful.

1. We are not far off Christmas now and I am really looking forward to it. We are going to do it just for us this year with no running round trying to please everyone. It rarely works when we try so why not chill at home? I am going to take my brief from Dad who carried on living when Mum died. I will do the same and we will have a happy Christmas and raise a glass to a special and missed man.

2. I am busy working out calendars from 3 separate schools and because I now live in town, events will be easy to get to and attend.

3. My son has stopped one of his after school clubs which means my daughter’s mad shopping sprees are curtailed. Once a week is quite enough for my big spender.

4. I am being really assertive with secondary school about my son. I have made a meeting to see them as I am not at all happy with how things are going in his first term. I have my husband’s full support which is another great reason to smile.

5. I am relishing my relationship with my daughter. It is loving and uncomplicated. Over the years that may change so I am treasuring every moment.

6. I am on nodding and even talking terms with some of the school mums now. I am going to a meeting at school tomorrow as part of a working group and there are rumours of a new blog for the school.

7. I am keeping on top of the house. This is something I have always struggled with so I an convinced my Dad is sending vibes my way to help me with endless laundry and the like. A blogger advised me to play music whilst doing the drudgery jobs and that helps loads too.

8. I am being very proactive in promoting my Dad’s police memoirs. In fact, if I told you some of the people I am touting, you would think I had lost the plot completely. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

9. I have a cunning plan to take us to the theatre this weekend as a family. Love, love, love the theatre.

10. I am getting to know more bloggers through my involvement with BritMums and that is always a joy.

11. Oh and I bought a hat!

8 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful?

  1. Ooh get you! On a roll this week by sound of it. You have definately grabbed the bulls by the horns, so pleased for you.
    These are great reasons. I love your dad’s writings and would love to see them picked up by someone. Have you considered self publishing it?
    Have a fab weekend x

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