Christmas decorations – spot the odd one out!

We had a quiet weekend and my daughter was getting a bit fed up. I decided to relent and take her in search of Christmas decorations. I had hoped to hold out till December as once it starts we tend to go a bit mad.

We visited our local charity shop. They had a table set up with a really good mix of baubles, ornaments and all manner of bling. Who was most excited? Myself or my daughter? Both I think as we love Christmas and being daft. Even when my daughter tried to be restrained, I kept saying “But what about this?”. Madam decided this year we are going mainly for a snowman theme. This is what we came away with.

Where the Bratz doll fits into a Snowman theme I have no idea but my daughter clearly does as it was deemed essential. We paid between 50 pence and £2.50 per item. As well as the things in the picture, we got some sparkly pink snowflake chain stuff to hang over our door.

On the way back, my daughter told here she heard an adult say “Look! Snowmen!” and point to the items in my arms as I approached the charity shop counter. “I just gave them a look, Mum, as if to say “these are ours and you are not having them””. Dearie me, I may have taught her charity shopping too well.

We went home with me cautioning my daughter to play down our purchases to her Dad. In she bounced, “Dad, we bought half the shop!”

Then she turned to me and said, “Don’t worry Mum, we can go back for the rest next week.”

My other bargains this week came via the NetMums Nearly New boards

8 pairs of new trousers (jeans, chinos, smart wood trousers) for my husband some with the labels still on – £16

3 storage baskets from Ikea I think with attractive blue stripey design – £10

What have your bought of the bargain variety this week?

Pop over to Liz on the Me and My Shadow blog and link up your finds.


2 thoughts on “Christmas decorations – spot the odd one out!

  1. I love reading your posts about your magpie bargains. One thing I do have to wonder though…is your house like the Tardis? You must have an awful lot of space or be very ruthless about throwing things out!

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