Have yourself a Hallmark Christmas

Is it too early to send Christmas cards yet? It might be but with last posting dates scarily close, buying your cards is probably a very good idea.

What about your tree? Is it up? Does it need a little jazzing up?

How are you with gift-wrapping? Isn’t is always that bit extra special when your presents are attractive even before they are opened?

I have just had a good look at the Hallmark website and they have some really lovely items available for Christmas. Check it out. Hallmark is one of those places where you can sort out a lot of those Christmas tasks all at once. Cards, decorations, gift-wrapping and affordable pressie ideas too.

Hallmark sent us a lovely tree ornament to review. It features a cuckoo clock with a tiny Winnie the Pooh as the “cuckoo”. Out he pops and actually speaks to you. The clock also has a large Winnie the Pooh on the roof dressed as Santa. The hands on the clock move and there are Christmas lights in varied colours around the roof of the clock. It is very cute, a hit with my children and just one of a range of Disney tree decorations.

Whether you like “in your face” or understated elegance, Hallmark have tree decorations to match your theme.

So treat yourself to a tree decoration and whilst you are there stock up on Christmas cards, gift wrap and those easy pressies for people you always find it difficult to buy for.

Have yourself a Hallmark Christmas!



One thought on “Have yourself a Hallmark Christmas

  1. I’ve been searching for innovative gift ideas and came upon your blog. I love finding the perfect greeting card too.

    In terms of gift-giving, if you need ideas and want to support local art and deserving charities all at once, a portion of all my art sales are going to charity this month. I’m a Sydney-based artist and I’ve filled my shop (see here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/letsgolescophotos) with all sorts of new things for the holiday season. There are some pieces for families, some for men, some for kids, and quite a few for women too. Plus there’s a special sale happening where any photo can be made into a print for only $20!

    Good luck with your gift-giving and happy holidays!

    Wishing you the best 🙂

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