What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

You find me in a happy frame of mind. About so-and-so ing time you may say.

What are my reasons for this upbeat mood?

1. I am going to lose 4 stones by the time of BritMums Live. I have decided and will make it happen. Either that or give you a good giggle at my failed attempts so win-win. Seriously, I started Slimming World this week and have stuck to it. Well done me and cream cakes all round.

2. I am looking forward to all the real Christmas stuff starting from the weekend with fairs, carol services, school plays, shopping, planning, Christingle and more.

3. I am going to walk the Great Wall of China and am pleasantly surprised that having raised this only yesterday on my blog, folks are saying they might like to join me. Who knew? The outsider no longer or maybe I have just found a happy band of other outsiders. I need to look into it all more particularly the fitness and financial requirements but at least I am seriously considering it.

4. The meeting at school about my son’s issues with went reasonably well. I have more to say on this but that is for another post. What was really lovely to hear was my husband’s support for his son.

5. I have plans for this blog and blogging generally. Watch this space.

6. I have a cheeky idea for a blog hop. Not quite sure I will go ahead with it but it is making me giggle to myself.

7. We have sunshine in Yorkshire today.

8. We are decking the halls as I blog …

9. My birthday is just around the corner, 44, droopy drawers …

Have yourself a wonderful week.

Now rock yourself around the Christmas tree over to Mich at http://mdplife.blogspot.com to see what other people are jumping for joy about.


13 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

  1. Well done you! Wish I could get as motivated as you. I’m going to lose a (ahem) sizeable chunk of weight too. Want to cheer one another on? Nothing like a plan to make you feel upbeat and it seems that you are getting a lot of niggling issues sorted too, (Christmas, your son’s issues at school, plans for the future) which also helps. AND you’ve got sunshine! You’re on fire today!

  2. I always look forward so much to popping over to read your reasons to be cheerful and you certainly didn’t dissapoint – I have a smile on my face right now wondering what your cheeky blog hop idea is, the being determined to lose weight (and cream cakes) – just two days ago i told the kids to not let me eat chocolate, biccies etc and then yesterday i started on the biccies again!, and yes I would love to do the great wall of china too! x

  3. Wow! I can feel your determination from here! Walking the wall sounds great. I’d love to walk part of it too one day. Hmmm… cheeky blog hop has me curious. Go on share!! Take care lovely and have a great weekend too xxx

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