Posted in November 2012

Simple Chocolate Cheesecake Bites Recipe

Jennifer’s Mini Cheesecake Bites Prep time: 15 minutes Serves/Makes 28 Ingredients 160g Light Philadelphia with Cadbury 100g mini chocolate chip cookies or mini oat biscuits Instructions 1. Arrange the biscuits on a serving platter. 2. Spread or pipe a little Philly with Cadbury on to each biscuit and serve topped with a number of different … Continue reading

Why am I always the outsider?

I am not going to make this too self-indulgent. I am just going to blog it out and move on. I went to a meeting at school today followed by an assembly. I got myself out of my scruffs, had a long bubble bath and made sure I did not smell with all manner of … Continue reading

Jennifer Saunders’ Chocolate mousse shots

Saunders’ Simple Choccy Mousse Shots Prep time 10 minutes Makes 10 shot glasses – perfect for a party! Ingredients 160g Light Philadelphia with Cadbury 150ml double cream, whipped until thick 200g morello cherry fruit filling (for pies and cheesecake toppings) 20g Bournville chocolate, grated Instructions 1. Have ready 10 shot glasses. 2. Place the Philly … Continue reading

Grief – two months on

It is exactly 2 months since my lovely Dad died. You get better at things. Today I have a meeting at school and have put on the suit skirt I wore to his funeral. It is a smart skirt, simple as that. My older son seems to not be himself at school and I am … Continue reading

Winter Warming Food Tips

The weather is wet, cold and miserable. Grey skies and dark nights can make winter cold and dull, but winter eating doesn’t have to be be. Kavita Pal, Managing Director of The Tree Hotel at Cadmore End, offers her advice on how to eat your way to a warmer winter. 1. It isn’t just hot … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

How come weeks can seem both short and long? Today, I am mainly bored and I hate that lacklustre feeling. However, I intend to take myself out for some fun tomorrow so I am not downhearted, fear not. So it is Thursday and here are my reasons to be be cheerful. 1. We are not … Continue reading

The perfect doll for Christmas

What sort of dolls did you like as a child? I preferred Sindy and her wholesome look.   Glamour, it won’t surprise you to know, always seemed a bit suspect. I remember going to Weightwatchers and being told how women aspire to look like Barbie and can never do it because she is about 7 feet … Continue reading

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

Do you wear hats? Received wisdom suggests that if you do, you are oozing self-confidence. Guess what?  On the school run this morning I wore a new hat.  Leather type and will post a picture once someone comes home and takes one for me. Amazingly, nobody seemed to burst into laughter at the very sight … Continue reading