Why you will be seeing less of me this week

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It is Wednesday so it is time to write about how I am getting my groove back and to encourage you to do the same. Rather than me bang on, this is what it is all about https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/

So after a difficult year, how am I getting on?

1. I have stuck to my Slimming World plan for 8 days. I went for my weigh in yesterday and had lost 4 and a half pounds, the biggest weight loss in the class. I feel in control of my eating and on target to lose a stone by the end of the year. Of course, I have much more to lose but that will be a very good start.

2. I have not had an alcoholic drink for over a week either. I feel so much better. As someone who can sink into low moods, it is a bit dozy to indulge in too much alcohol which we all know is a depressant.

3. I am still not getting into a regular exercise plan. I have bought an old Rosemary Conley book which sets daily targets and will start that today.

4. I am not letting anyone take me for a mug this Christmas. I well remember my late Mum saying one year that she would no longer cook Christmas dinner as it meant she never saw a Christmas for herself. After that, we went out for Christmas lunch every year. My situation is different because I have a husband who is just as happy in the kitchen as I am. However, this is the year where I will do what I want to do and probably be a much happier mum as a result leading to more joy for those around me.

5. On another front, I am now saving up some of the housework for weekends so that all the family can join in. The children don’t like it and do a disappearing act but my husband is stepping up and getting involved.

6. Putting the bin out last night counted as foreplay which strikes me as hilarious but also very groovy!

7. I am looking forward to Christmas and then to throwing myself wholeheartedly into 2013 which just has to be better than this year.

So for those who like a #getgroovingchallenge, here are some questions.

1. Who takes you for granted? What can you do about that?

2. Are you aware deep down you are drinking too much and what can you do to tackle that?

3. What health aims do you have for the New Year?

What I need help from you with is how I make time for exercise and stick to it.

Huge respect goes to all mums trying to get their groove back whether by taking their clothes off, experimenting with make-up, confronting relationship issues, pursuing writing projects or working towards new dreams.

If you do blog about how you are improving your life one step at a time, you can link up and I will promote your posts.

5 thoughts on “Why you will be seeing less of me this week

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  2. Well done on your great weight loss Kate!

    I am struggling with making time for exercise too. I am going to build up gradually, maybe just start again at 15 mins three times a week. Now you are a Slimming World member there are some great Body Magic challenges on their website. it’s great for building yourself up and having something to aim for. I blogged about it here: http://littlebitsofwaffle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/11-reach-my-goal-weight.html

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