Farewell 2012 – so sad and yet not all bad

Can you choose just one post from each month and reflect your life in 2012?

I have tried to do so and have enjoyed the experience as it has reminded me that although 2012 was the saddest ever for me, there were some lovely times too.

In January, it was all about laughter and lanterns.

In February, I wrote a love letter.

In March, I was on trend for the first time ever due to some rather groovy mums.

In April, I made my point in a spoof post inspired by Samantha Brick, she of I am so beautiful, nobody likes me fame.

In May, I was questioning my ability to parent a teenager in training.

In June, it was all about the wonderful BritMums Live for me.

In July, I wrote a post about how family life as we knew it was threatened.

In August, I took comfort in a weird coincidence.

I did not post in September. That in itself speaks volumes.

In October, there was only one post that mattered and it is the most important thing I have ever written.

In November, I talked about feeling how I often feel like an outsider.

In December, I wrote a funny post about pubs, sex and Fuchs that may well appeal to any fan of Outnumbered.

All that remains dear followers and random visitors is to wish you all a peaceful and loss-free New Year with lots of new adventures and opportunities coming your way.

Remember you keep this inadequate woman sane so keep up the good work in 2013.

Now where is that rum?

Happy New Year!

2013 is going to be totally awesome and we are all going to rock.

3 thoughts on “Farewell 2012 – so sad and yet not all bad

  1. One brilliant things about having a blog is that you can do just what you’ve done here, look back over times to see what memories you can conjure up. Here’s to 2013 being a happier year, and one in which you create some lovely memories x

  2. Wonderful review. Should try to find sometime to do the same which may be possible when the kids go back to school tomorrow.

    You have had plenty of ups and downs this year but you’ve dealt with it all with such great personal dignity and strength. You should feel proud of yourself, very proud and on top of all this helped others constantly.

    I personally would love such a kind caring thoughtful person in my life and hope one day your step kids can see and appreciate what they have there in their lives

    Take care and heres to the adventures 2013 will bring x

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