Posted in January 2013

Scooters and skateboards!

I am less than impressed with my son’s school. Today was the first day back. I was so stressed about getting the children back into a routine. I did not enjoy last night for worrying about whether we would be up in time and so on. My youngest son can be very moody and how … Continue reading

Why are groovy mums getting naked?

Want to spice up your life? Groovy Mums is a blog hop and supportive network that started in September 2011 and has helped many a mum (including me) move forwards positively taking on challenges they never thought possible and just seizing the day that bit more. You can read more about Groovy Mums. We support … Continue reading

Why have I started a new blog?

I have started a new blog. I want to reflect on some of the reasons why I have made this decision. 1. My blogging started by accident really in 2009. I had no real plan for it or what it might lead to. It was just my Mum, She Who Must Be Obeyed, told me … Continue reading

Is it worth going self-hosted?

I am in the midst of the angst that is trying to go self-hosted. Yes, I know some folks find all the technical stuff simple to accomplish but I am a woman of little brain. I bought a domain name ages ago and then decided I did not like it. Then I bought hosting space … Continue reading

Who is going to lose weight with me?

Are you hoping to lose weight this year? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if 2013 was the year that you got that body back that you remember from yesteryear? If you are like me, you just know that if you felt better about how you looked, your confidence would improve and you would feel more ready … Continue reading

Who wants to have a Groovy 2013?

Fancy really changing your life? Scrap New Year’s resolutions but commit instead to challenging yourself to live better throughout 2013 and beyond. The only way to do this is to seize this day and those that follow and take action to bring changes about. You will have down days, life events will send you curve-balls … Continue reading