Who wants to have a Groovy 2013?

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Fancy really changing your life?

Scrap New Year’s resolutions but commit instead to challenging yourself to live better throughout 2013 and beyond. The only way to do this is to seize this day and those that follow and take action to bring changes about.

You will have down days, life events will send you curve-balls and you will have moments of self-doubt. The key is to keep going even if the steps to change are tiny ones. Who wants to stand still?

I am going to have a Very Groovy New Year and this is what it will look like.

1. I will get slim by the end of the year by sticking with Slimming World which has already brought success my way. In November, I set a target of losing a stone by the end of 2012 and lost 13 pounds. Near enough and shows setting targets helps.

2. I will find more paid and fulfilling work. This time last year I had no paid work.

3. I will attend BritMums Live and other blogger events. This time last year I had not met a blogger.

4. I will say yes to opportunities including meet-ups with online friends. Watch out ladies, you know who you are.

5. I will make at least one friend locally.

6. I will set up a new website and start advertising what I can do.

7. I will go self-hosted with a new blog title.

8. I will continue to leave alcohol alone. OK so there was a blip for New Year’s Eve but I am now saying farewell to Doctor Bacardi. I have cut my drinking right down in recent weeks and feel so much better for it.

9. I am stronger than I sometimes think and will cope with whatever unexpected or nasty stuff that comes my way this year.

10. I will invest energy in those that do the same for me because it is they who are worth it.

So, have yourself a Groovy 2013 with me and other mums. Read all about it.

What will be your first step?

16 thoughts on “Who wants to have a Groovy 2013?

  1. I think this is a great start and we share a few of the same challenges – one being meeting new people 🙂

  2. Very motivating post! Have decided to make this year all about putting more Life in my Day, in whatever ways seem the most appropriate and life affirming. Looking forward to 2013.

  3. going booze free for a month (initially!) and raising some cash for a local mental health charity while doing so! Am also going to try and spend less time but more quality time on the old ‘pooter, if you know what I mean! Good luck to all with endeavours. Life is a work in progress…..

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