Who is going to lose weight with me?

Are you hoping to lose weight this year? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if 2013 was the year that you got that body back that you remember from yesteryear?

If you are like me, you just know that if you felt better about how you looked, your confidence would improve and you would feel more ready to take on the world.

Want to join my weight loss club?

I am going to post every Wednesday about losing weight and will add a linky so that if you join in, we can see your fabulous posts too. We can also connect on Twitter where I am @kateonthinice.

I know from experience that blogging makes me accountable to myself and helps me keep on track better on all manner of things. I also value the support of people on similar journeys.

Whether you have a few pounds to lose or stones and stones like me, I believe we can do this and are more likely to do so if we buddy up.

How you do it will be up to you. For me, I have lost 13 pound with Slimming World since the end of November 2012. I have never had that sort of quick success before so am sticking with that as my method. This is not a sponsored post so it bothers me not a jot which option for weight loss you select and I am sure we can share tips along the way.

I have set a target of losing 3 stones by July next year. I know it is ambitious but I like to think (and not look) big!

So team, are you with me?

We will need a name so we can hashtag on Twitter. Trying to avoid #wobblyWednesday

And yes, it will be OK to talk about the days where it all goes wrong. Those are the times you need someone to back you up after all.

I have a relevant competition coming up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. 2013 is going to be epic!

17 thoughts on “Who is going to lose weight with me?

  1. I would really love to join in, I am just not brave enough to post a photo of myself.. I am at @_glitzygleam on twitter.. You have done brilliant so far, so I am sure you will reach your goal xx

  2. What a great idea, I have a few kg’s to lose… mind you, I might not blog about it… might get embarrassing because I have a serious chocolate addiction. Look forward to following you and your linky! 🙂

  3. We both did a weigh in on sunday and I was tempted to put my weight on the blog to make me accountable to do something about it! This is a fab idea. I definitely need to be accountable otherwise every evening I wander round the kitchen looking for things to pick at and eat. x

  4. I did this last year with a couple of ladies on twitter, we used hash tag #weighinwednesday We did well for quite a while and I lost a fraction over a stone. I’d love to join, although I haven’t been brave enough to weigh myself yet. I’m @cherriemayhem on twitter 🙂

  5. Wierdly enough I weighed myself this morning. There’s a lovely bunch of blggers on twitter who weigh in each sunday (or did before xmas) and we started using the slimpod as an aid to better eating habits. I’ll be checking in with you. I blgged my starting weight for the year this morning.

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