Is it worth going self-hosted?

I am in the midst of the angst that is trying to go self-hosted.

Yes, I know some folks find all the technical stuff simple to accomplish but I am a woman of little brain.

I bought a domain name ages ago and then decided I did not like it.

Then I bought hosting space but without that simple one click type thing for WordPress that is recommended on the Tots100 tutorial.

So I hurtle into the mad language of FTP, DNS and gobbledegook. Is there a way to avoid it and still go self-hosted?

I have spent hours today on what I am told should be a 5 minute job.

Why exactly am I so very dense?

I have got as far as appearing to have a site in my domain name but it is full of adverts that I have not added for some reason. Will this change by the power of luck or time or should I just scrap it? I certainly have no idea of how to change it.

I don’t want to waste any more money on this enterprise but am wondering if I should go with TSOhost as recommended on Tots100 and just put up with starting all over again.

Bamboozled is the word.

If I am going to start again, I could choose a new domain but what should I be?

Stick with Kate on Thin Ice?

Emphasize the life-changing stuff I try to do for myself and others?

Mention my writing ambitions somehow?

Or go naked?

How much time should I commit before accepting that I need someone else to do this for me? And who is that person? Form an orderly queue folks.

Help! Aarrgh!

You get the picture.

Now tell me the solution you lovely people.


10 thoughts on “Is it worth going self-hosted?

  1. Oh gosh, you have my sympathy. I have been looking at this too and am terrified and completely muddled. I don’t know how to go about it all at all and the more I read the more confused I seem to get! I shall be watching your replies with interest as I really need the advice of others too. (We’ve got the same theme by the way tee hee). Sorry I can’t help but I feel your pain. x

  2. Hi Kate I can’t comment on the techie stuff but I absolutely love the name Kate on Thin Ice.

    It is a reminder of that expression that we may seem calm on the surface like swans but paddle madly below the waterline. If you’re on thin ice it hints that the author is edgy, this week’s post may be the last before falling through, or you might be very controversial in your writing – either way I find it really appealing. I don’t know what else you want your domain name to suggest, but hope this helps. Good luck with your decisions.

  3. I’ve decide to go self hosted and this time last year went through similar torment to you and thought bollocks to all that! It really put me off. BUT the question has been haunting me all year because
    1. I can’t do all the things I want to do on .com
    2. I want to do linkies and I can’t use the gadget thingie on .com
    3. I want a better layout for my recipes but don’t have time to faff with CSS templates (what the hell are those anyways!)
    4. I want to be able to have a better layout to showcase my food photography as I want to improve that this year too.
    So I have decided to pay someone and that someone is a friend I made on Twitter called @MonicaShaw. She’s a foodie and photographer too. So I think you need to fin someone based on your objectives. also look up @magentasky and @CalliaWeb. Good luck!

  4. Kate on Thin Ice is a good name – keep it. Anyone who tells you anything to do with computers should be a 5 min job is lying! I suspect that if you’ve got adverts on there you’ve probably chosen a free site? This is the trade off. I’ve done web building etc. You could invest in web building program like Dreamweaver but suspect this is not the way to go for you. What happens is you build a site in a program like this then FTP (file transfer protocol) it (upload it) using a free to download FTP program. It’s easy once it’s set up. The other way, which seems to be more common now is to produce a site (again can be in Dreamweaver) & then upload it to WordPress or similar where it can be amended direct online. I saw a free site advertising in the middle of my Facebook notifications & was tempted myself but I do know of friends who have self hosted & there isn’t the same security & they had their site taken over by something dodgy & had to give it up. I host a site with 123 reg who are secure & reasonable. Just Google them. If you need help with your current site just email or Facebook private message me & I’ll have a look at it.

  5. I love your name! (Apart from the fact I used to be an ice skating addict so I love anything that mentions ice even if it is nothing to do with skating – I think it is different and memorable so i think it is a fab name and like someone else commented a bit edgy). Can’t help at all on the technical front – I have my own tech support in the form of my hubby who i always call for help. We do have a domain name for my son’s blog ( and somehow that is linked to blogger so that we can publish blog posts just using the same technology on blogger but it appears on his own domain name. Does that make sense??? (not to me – but it does somehow seem to work). it was a bit tricky to set up but runs smoothly now. Domain name was from godaddy and their tech support was good when we encountered problems.

  6. Am happy to Skype or hangout to talk you through it if it would help? Am writing articles for my tech blog but slowly, and as setting up WordPress is what we do I can certainly explain it to you 🙂

  7. Is there a reason why you want to be self hosted? If just for the domain name then you should be able to point your new domain name to your old site. I use weebly to host but bought my domain name through 123reg (very cheap). Probably only worth self hosting if you know what you’re doing. I have as techie husband and no desire to self host! Anyway, I actually came on here for the weight loss post, better read it…

  8. I have thought about this too but decided to stick with Blogger as a) I can easily track how many views and b) I don’t have the time/energy to try to figure it out. I am like you in that I’m not very good at all this web hosting stuff, while I am pretty good at technology and gadgets. Just don’t know why this stuff flumoxes me so much!

  9. Oh dear. Have just done the same thing with a new blog – well I didn’t – you need someone do all that stuff, not coz you’re thick, coz you’re not and neither am I, but coz we’re good at other things, right? Someone told me today that I have chosen the theme that you have just got rid of! Good luck with it – I’ve seen you’re on Twitter with it already and I shall follow with abandon and pay more attention – you deserve it XXX

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