Why are groovy mums getting naked?

groovymums twitter 2000x2000

Want to spice up your life?

Groovy Mums is a blog hop and supportive network that started in September 2011 and has helped many a mum (including me) move forwards positively taking on challenges they never thought possible and just seizing the day that bit more.

You can read more about Groovy Mums.

We support each others blog, tweet supportively and even have the odd Twitter party on issues that matter to mums.

From the start, not everyone in the world has liked the term groovy mums.

With the launch of my new blog over at Naked Mum, I am renaming this initiative naked mums. This will nark those negative male commentators even more than groovy did and hopefully give female friends old and new a good giggle.

The best things about Groovy/Naked Mums are

* Open and honest support network
* Open to any mum
* Mums set their own goals and journey
* It recognises we all have off days and supports us on the days when we give up on ourselves a bit.

And yes, I am one of the women who have benefitted most from the thing.

So if any of this appeals to you, pop over to http://nakedmum.co.uk for the first Naked Mums post along with a bit of a dare for you. Now what could that be?


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