Scooters and skateboards!

I am less than impressed with my son’s school.

Today was the first day back. I was so stressed about getting the children back into a routine. I did not enjoy last night for worrying about whether we would be up in time and so on. My youngest son can be very moody and how he gets up can make the difference between a good day and a rotten one.

I forced myself off Twitter and blogging yesterday to ensure that uniforms were all ironed and folded ready for the little darlings. I checked bookbags to ensure every form was filled in and pencil cases replenished.

I even made the children locate and place their shoes right by the door last night to avoid the “I can’t find my shoe” angst.

Of course, today was the morning that my husband’s alarm clock failed.

We were up late but by the power of some benign Higher Being, we got to school on time.

My son said I could have a day off housework because they were going back to school. He turned from his friends at school and ran to me and gave me a huge farewell hug. He told me he would miss me lots. When he is angelic, he is adorable.

So I was counting my lucky stars until he came out of school this afternoon with a form saying he needs a skateboard or scooter in school along with a full safety kit.

We have the skateboard but the only safety kit we have is bright pink having apparently lost the blue one in the recent house move.

I don’t drive and we live in a small market town where you cannot buy such items.

So when my poor husband came home from his long commute, he was immediately dispatched to Argos in search of skateboard and safety kit set. £25!

As it happens we have the money but what if we didn’t?

After all, this is the week after the Christmas holidays where most families have laid out more than they do in a normal month. We are in the middle of a recession or is it over and nobody told me?

I feel miffed (to put it mildly) at schools for doing things like this. It is the first week back and parents really don’t need any extra demands throwing into the mix this week. How many parents will go without things they actually need to make sure that little Samuel/Samantha has the appropriate gear? For many, it is either that or see their child ridiculed for not having the same as other children. Some choice!

And don’t even get me started on whoever decided it was a great idea to encourage children to ride to school every morning on scooters! I find it hard to be a radiant mum when some kid slams into my legs every morning on the school run. Well, I find it difficult to be a radiant mum on the school run anyway but manic scooters don’t help one bit.

Rant over!


13 thoughts on “Scooters and skateboards!

  1. That’s expensive! Blimey glad I didn’t get that form I’d be halving the food bill! I’m glad I’m not the only hater of scooters I bloody hate the things several times a child has gone into my heels and the patents don’t even have the decency to teach their darlings to apologise to the strangers they bash into!

  2. Wow! No wonder you’re annoyed. Did the school send a letter home to that effect? We’ve done skateboarding in school but the instructor brought full safety kits and boards. If my son had come home and said that today I’d have wept because there’s nothing left in the bank of mum. Make sure you highlight it to the school.

  3. I know that I sometimes whinge that us homeschoolers don’t get even a single excercise book paid for and have to pay for everything ourselves – but actually when you work out all the costs of school like uniforms, book bags, outings, swimming trips, etc etc then actually it probably balances out. I don’t miss all that stress of labelling uniforms and making sure they have everything ready. xxx

  4. That’s (the school) ridiculous. Complain to the school, exactly as you’ve put on here ie financial demands & just after Christmas etc etc.

  5. I got incredibly annoyed last term with our school (which I love, don’t get me wrong) with the constant requests for money and “things”. I worked out that from October to the end of the term, I paid nearly £100 for various things. We have to contribute to the swimming lessons (although technically they are supposed to be free, they ask for a “donation” and if you can’t make it, you have to “talk to the head teacher”, and as the children HAVE to attend swimming as part of the NC, it’s not like we’re left with any choice) they changed the uniform policy to a different color of tights, and insisted on monogrammed jumpers (which are £19, and have to be ordered as opposed to buying them in Tesco’s, Next etc for half the price) and then they decided that the children need tracksuits for PE which of course have to be from the school and cost more!! Then we were asked to contribute to the raffle for the school fair, donate items to the special Christmas room they set up to re-sell, and all sorts of other things. I don’t want my daughter to be without, and we can afford things, but it annoys me no end, at the constant “asking” we are put through, and what if we were not able to stretch to all this stuff, but aren’t quite at the level where we are on income support etc (when you get certain things at school free, subsidized uniform, reduced after school care fees etc) yet we are expected to stump up. How do families with more kids than us and less money manage? It’s not on.
    Did you say anything to anyone about it? I have just sent a chuntering e-mail to the head about the swimming lesson thing, because we paid, but they then cancelled the lessons (due to not having the correct number of helpers) but we haven’t got our money back!

  6. Why – really!!?
    Fits entirely with my rant about the scooters this week. Why would schools encourage them, what’s wrong with walking to school – it is not safe to have numerous children flying around on scooters and it is not what pavements are for! xx

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