Posted in April 2013

I have got balls!

Yes, it is true that I have balls! Healthy balls too I might add. I like boxes and I love these Oriental balls on the inside. £2. I go to the charity shop more now that I live in town so I don’t miss much! It is that time of year when I always buy … Continue reading

Hello teenager!

Before I was a mum, a colleague told me that one day her lovely girly daughter went upstairs and the next morning someone looking like her but with an aggressive attitude came down those stairs. She was convinced that her daughter became a teenager that night. I have a 12 year old and I think … Continue reading

National Pretzel Day

Did you know it is National Pretzel Day? Our family were sent some Penn State pretzels. There are a good variety of taste sensations available with this classic American snack brand. Everyone seemed to favour the Sour Cream and Chive variety in our house although the Original Sea Salted also went down well. The pretzels … Continue reading

What are my plans for the Summer?

Wonderful! The sun’s out again! I am relieved it means it’s OK to go outside without fear of shivering or slipping on an icy patch. Something else I have realised recently is that Summer’s getting closer. I know it’s still only April but it’s fun to start planning for Summer holidays. Home or away? I’ve … Continue reading

Fancy a night out or a night in?

Even with the most positive mind-set in the world, sometimes we all need a pick me up. Although it does not happen often enough for me, there is no better feeling than a night in with other women. I can very easily come up with a list of female bloggers and old friends who I … Continue reading

Who is tap dancing?

My husband was recently sent to a house to collect something that I had ordered via the NetMums nearly new boards. For some reason, I had not told him what the item was but had said the price was a fiver. He turned up and said that I had sent him. The woman handed him … Continue reading

Life goes on

We have had a rotten few months of bad weather.  Even the biggest fans of snow started to get fed up of it.   Lack of sunshine and cold temperatures can get you down. We have been OK but we have been working our way to a new life without my Dad.  It takes time. … Continue reading