Will you support the Lullaby Trust?

Today is a special day in the world of bloggers and charities. As I love both worlds, I am joining in and hope you do too in whatever way you feel able.

The Lullaby Trust is the new name for the charity that works to support all those affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. You can find out so much more about their work and why they have changed their name here.

The new name immediately reminds me of my late Mum and how she would stroke my hair as she sang to me. It was so comforting and a special moment between mother and child. Although she did sing lullabies to me I am sure, what I remember most is her singing songs like “”When the Red, Red Robin comes bob bob bobbing along”. I have just looked up the lyrics and they are quite poignant.

I have never experienced baby loss. I cannot begin to imagine the pain but I am so pleased that there are charities like the Lullaby Trust who can help and support those affected.

There are also fabulous people like @Edspire and @GhostwriterMumm who do something proactively to help via blogging and social networking.


I guess every parent knows the fear of cot death. It haunts us so if as parents we can do something to support the Lullaby Trust, why wouldn’t we?

Today it is as simple as letting people know about them and the new name. You can do this on your social networks and as you chat to people. You may of course wish to look on the website and see how you can help more.

I recently went to the cemetery in my old town. There was the grave there for a family member who died in his thirties. I knew who it was and I knew his story. I was shocked to see “and his brother Francis”. I did not know about this person. Fortunately, my older brother was with me and said something like “Oh yes, there was a baby”. I felt sad that nobody has talked to me of this infant. I did not even know he existed.

I can’t imagine the pain of @Edspire and her family at the loss of baby Matilda Mae. However, I think she is inspirational in how she is helping others such as the Lullaby Trust and how in that way (and others) Matilda Mae’s name is so well-known and her legacy lives on.

Do what you can to support the Lullaby Trust.


8 thoughts on “Will you support the Lullaby Trust?

  1. Lovely post. It’s been a funny sort of day. So much happiness at a community pulling together for this special little girl, many tears at the wonderful words expressed that show how many have been touched by Tilda, sadness that it had to be.

  2. Thank you so much for your support today. I hope that bloggers and The Lullaby Trust can develop a good relationship into the future to make SIDS a thing of the past and to spare families the painful path that we are travelling without Matilda Mae x

  3. It is such an important message and you have worded it brilliantly. It’s a very hard road to travel on, but with organisations like the Lullaby Trust around it can help with the feelings of desperate loneliness

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